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Opinion: Abuse of power – forced vaccination

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos have launched radial campaign to pressure provincial premiers in to forcing vaccinations in to millions of Canadians against their will.

Trudeau was recorded spreading extremist views and misinformation about the unvaccinated branding them as racists and misogynist because they believe in freedom of choice and no segregation, and asking rhetorically, “do we tolerate these people”  on a Quebec talk show during his 2021 election campaign. Resurfaced video of Trudeau calling anti-vaxxers racists and misogynists

On Friday Duclos pressured provinces to follow Quebec’s fascist lead and mandate mandatory vaccines for all Canadians, not specific sectors of our economy or professions but a blanket approach, one size fits all. There was no science or facts to back up his opinion and from his remarks we believe he wants the mandatory vaccine mandates to spite the unvaccinated. He used the numbers from his own province of Quebec to justify it by mentioning 50 per cent of the people in hospital with COVID are vaccinated and saying the unvaccinated are “clogging” up the healthcare system when it is clearly an equal split.

This was his opinion after all and everyone already know COVID Zero is a fantasy. It was an obvious set up. The Trudeau government using the provinces as a shield to protect him from backlash when all Canadians reject the failure COVID Zero dream and very controversial forced vaccination. We have all witnessed everyone vaccinated and unvaccinated in multiple protests over that past year and recent with Maxime Bernier marches with Montrealers against “draconian” Quebec restrictions. Justin Trudeau seems to want the Premiers to make the move so we can try to save his own plummeting approval ratings and high distrust ratings that we wrote about with Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix also with rating dropping to all time lows. Read more here COVID-19: Distrust in Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix spikes while popularity plummets

The minister also said the Quebec government will soon expand the use of the vaccination passport to other non-essential businesses, such as personal care services. That announcement is expected in the coming days.

“By limiting the places they can go, we’re limiting their contacts,” Dubé said, referring to the unvaccinated. “I personally think we will get there at some point,” Duclos said, adding the provinces need to start having discussions about mass mandatory vaccinations, “because we have to get rid of COVID-19”.

Lets not forget Trudeau claimed Canada isn’t a place that mandates vaccines for all Canadians because it fails to respect freedom of choice and medical, religious and conscience objections some Canadians have to being vaccinated.

Reactions to Duclos statements came fast and promptly with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney – encouraging people to get vaccinate on their own free will but reassuring them forced vaccinations were removed from the Alberta health act Tweeting “Alberta’s legislature removed the power of mandatory vaccination from the Public Health Act last year and will not revisit that decision, period.”

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said while he was urging everyone to get vaccinated, the decision to do so is personal and his government will not interfere with it.

So lets get real for a moment, Omicron came and it opened up conversations and got even more people questioning the vaccine passport since there’s high numbers of vaccinated people infected with COVID. The symptoms are much more mild and most people don’t even know they have Omicron. This real world data along with science proves to us the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission rendering the vaccine passports useless. If the claim is to be protecting the unvaccinated and the presumed unvaccinated because they got vaccinated but oppose the vaccine passport, this would be akin to being a helicopter parent and no one likes a helicopter parent especially adults don’t need the government pretending its their parents. If the claim is to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated then this goes against all science, logic and common sense because no matter what your vaccination status is you can still get and spread COVID.

Another thing to remember is just because someone didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, it doesn’t mean they automatically have covid and just because someone got vaccinated doesn’t mean they support the vaccine passport

We agree vaccination is freedom of choice and no one should be forced to put something in their body they don’t want, especially when it comes to experimental drugs and vaccines. Safety monitoring of the trial participants will take 2 years after injections. Before you start calling me a conspiracy theorist, here’s the facts to back up the claim.


The post correctly notes that the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine has been given an “estimated study completion date” of Jan. 31, 2023 (here). For the COVID-19 vaccine created by Moderna, studies are expected to end on Oct. 27, 2022 (here).

Pfizer trial ends Jan. 31, 2023 Source: ClinicalTrials
Moderna trial ends Oct. 27, 2022 Source: ClinicalTrials

They were they approved for emergency use. “After clearing final Phase III clinical trials, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was granted approval for emergency use by U.S. regulators in December 2020 (here).” noted in the Reuters articles

Looking at figures provided on stats Canada it is report Black, Metis and other minorities are among the most skeptical about vaccines then the rest of population.

They have valid reasons based on history to not trust the government to not abuse its power over the people and force them to do things they don’t want.

Considering big pharma is immune to liability due to vaccine injuries and the Canadian government is also immune to vaccine injury or death liability, any sane logical thinking human would question how safe and effective these COVID vaccines really are.

The reason this is a legit worry for a lot of Canadians is because the government still hasn’t acknowledged publicly the vaccine can cause sudden death. Instead they quietly put it on the website. Vaccine safety and possible side effects https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/vaccination-children/safety-concerns-side-effects.html#a5


The Canadian government has a vaccine injury program but they’re not obligated to enter any payment agreements.

The vaccine injury support program has already ended though “The deadline for submitting an Application is 11:59 p.m. EST on February 24, 2021.” It says on the government of Canada website

Even if the Canadian government did pay out, they are using public tax dollars to pay off something they are responsible for, tax paying Canadians are on the hook for the vaccine injuries or deaths and that’s absurd because big pharma needs to be held accountable and liable, not tax paying citizens that funded the research.

The government needs to take the correct steps to reassure the public not take steps to punish public because the government is failing at all of the messaging around the vaccines, case counts, hospitalizations and deaths. It’s time the government steps up and the health officials and politicians take full personal responsibility, especially Trudeau and Duclos because they want to mandate vaccines. If they don’t want to be held personally liable they need to reverse the liability immunity for big pharma.

We do encourage the old and vulnerable to get the vaccines based on all the real world data and science to back up the vaccine can help reduce symptoms but for the rest of the population the choice is yours. And we call on the government of Canada and Health Canada to start abrasively looking in to early treatment medicine be the vaccine push is not helpful. over 80 per cent of Canadians are vaccinated. When they get sick with COVID they can’t just get a booster as treatment so the vaccine push makes no sense, we need early treatment and that would help everyone.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise



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