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Travel ban was all political not ‘scientific’: Court documents


Background of reporting on the Covid-19 travel mandate court case

Through out the pandemic and travel bans we have been hearing from the Trudeau liberal government “Trust the science” and “we’re following the best science”. What if I told you that was completely untrue with evidence to prove it? According to multiple sources.

New evidence has emerged to prove the travel mandates were not entirely scientific after all. New documents released by the Federal Court reveal the mandates were political.

There’s actually a government panel called COVID Recovery team but it is secretive. Jennifer Little, the director-general of the COVID Recovery team called the vaccination mandate as “one of the strongest vaccination mandates for travelers in the world.” [found on page 1278 of the PDF file]

News broke on August 2, 2022 by journalist Rupa Subramanya, published on CommonSense.news of documents she received by the courts for the lawsuit and we will take a look at what she discovered within the documents.

Below we will have a quick look of some events leading up to the travel vaccine mandates, view some quick facts quoting Rupa’s report and then we will dive in to the transcripts of cross-examinations.

Some email quotes

In the latter half of October 2021 a conversation via email took place between Aaron McCrorie and Dawn Lumley-Myllari. McCrorie is the associate assistant deputy minister for safety and security in Transport Canada, the department that houses COVID Recovery. Lumley-Myllari is an official in the Public Health Agency of Canada. McCrorie was looking for a credible rationale for the travel mandates.

“To the extent that updated data exist or that there is clearer evidence of the safety benefit of vaccination on the users or other stakeholders of the transportation system, it would be helpful to assist Transport Canada supporting its measures,” McCrorie wrote.

In under one week McCrorie followed up again via email to Lumley-Myllari searching for justification to give Canadians of the travel mandates. Our requirements come in on October 30”—in just over a week—”so need something fairly soon.”

Eight months later Trudeau and his Liberal government suspend the travel mandates while telling everyone they could come back at anytime. After this announcement the Trudeau government then made a move to cover up their unscientific decision for travel mandates by asking the courts for a publication ban.

“shut down Harrison and Rickard’s suit on the grounds that it was now moot—and, Presvelos said, to make sure the public never saw the court documents. (Since the case was still open, and court documents are unavailable to the public while cases are open, shutting it down would have sharply reduced the likelihood of anyone seeing government officials’ testimony.)” Reported Rupa Subramanya.

What Rupa Subramanya discovered in the court documents

I am going to straight up plagiarize Rupa for quick reference but you can check out her full report at CommonSense.news

  • No one in the COVID Recovery unit, including Jennifer Little, the director-general, had any formal education in epidemiology, medicine or public health.
  • Little, who has an undergraduate degree in literature from the University of Toronto, testified that there were 20 people in the unit. When Presvelos asked her whether anyone in the unit had any professional experience in public health, she said there was one person, Monique St.-Laurent. According to St.-Laurent’s LinkedIn profile, she appears to be a civil servant who briefly worked for the Public Health Agency of Canada. St.-Laurent is not a doctor, Little said.(Reached on the phone, St.-Laurent confirmed that she was a member of COVID Recovery. She referred all other questions to a government spokesperson.) 
  • Little suggested that a senior official in the prime minister’s Cabinet or possibly the prime minister himself had ordered COVID Recovery to impose the travel mandate. (During cross-examination, Little told Presvelos repeatedly that “discussions” about the mandate had taken place at “senior” and “very senior” levels.) But she refused to say who had given her team the order to impose the travel mandate. “I’m not at liberty to disclose anything that is subject to cabinet confidence,” she said. 
  • The term “cabinet confidence” is noteworthy because it refers to the prime minister’s Cabinet. Meaning that Little could not talk about who had directed the COVID Recovery unit to impose the travel mandate because someone at the very highest levels of government was apparently behind it.
  • In the days leading up to the implementation of the travel mandate, transportation officials were frantically looking for a rationale for it. They came up short.

Now we are going to dive in to some of the transcript for cross-examinations providing page numbers and some screen shots for you to dig in yourself. This following information I am not going to evaluate any of it and just give it to you raw. Please feel free to dive in to the files yourself. At the end of this article there will be Torrent download link for the files we have. The torrent will be around 2.91GB in size.

Transcript snippets from Eleni Galanis

PDF Page 595: We learn Eleni Galanis is the Director General of the Centre for Integrated Risk Assessment in the Public Health Agency (PHAC) since December 2021 which .

Integrated Risk Assessment was created in November 2021 by PHAC and the type of risk assessment is they do is arrogate information from other sources and do not generate any of the studies themselves.

They just take existing studies and evidence and present it to the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada and senior executives on managing health risks in Canada.

PDF page 632 vaccines less effective against Omicron BA. 4 and 5

Public health agency of Canada “just completed the risk assessments for BA. 4 and 5 and there are no vaccine effectiveness studies available yet,” Dr. Galanis said on June 23, 2022.

“people who are vaccinated mount a less strong response against BA. 4 and 5 than they did against BA. 1 which is the comparator variant. BA. 1 being the first Omicron”

PDF Page 657 Covid is here forever

Dr. Galanis agreed with MR. PRESVELOS that zero Covid-19 is a fantasy and added “This is become an endemic disease now and it’s humanized and will be with us for a very long time.”

“from my knowledge and experience, once a disease has been humanized like this, it will be with us forever.”

PDF Page 662

said the FPT public health response for management of COVID was not meant to be used for travelling, domestic travel and international travel.

A. It is — it’s not meant to be used for — specifically for travel or measures related to travel, so no.

Q. Okay. Have you discussed — or how often do you discuss with Dr. Tam travel or the issue of transmission during travel in your — in your group meetings?

A. Rarely.

Q. Okay. Has Dr. Tam ever asked you for your opinion about COVID-19 transmissibility in the context of travel?

A. Not me specifically and I can’t remember if we’ve discussed it in the group since I joined.

PDF Page 722 Eleni Galanis – June 23

Medical doctor Eleni Galanis straight up said she has no clue what the rationale for the travel Covid-19 vaccine mandates was.

“I don’t know what the rationale was behind the vaccine mandate that we are discussing here today, but the reason to have a vaccine mandate could be to protect the population and/or to encourage vaccination and other reasons.” Eleni Galani said.

PDF Page 734 Eleni Galanis

Apparently UBC medical doctor Eleni Galanis had no clue that Pfizer was ordered to release all their documents pertaining to their Covid-19 vaccine trials.

“Is unaware of the Pfizer documents being ordered for release to the public. This is shocking and scary that a doctor to not know as they should be on top of this kind of thing so they can cross check the data and make sure there was no funny business going on”

However Eleni Galanis did acknowledge side effects in a email written to Dr. Bonnie Henry in B.C during a thread of email related to several British Columbians suffering from Covid-19 vaccine side affects such as Anaphylaxis, blood clots, strokes, death. BC Rise report this matter from documents that were released in a freedom of information request.

“I urge that decision makers review this information as soon as possible to consider whether to pause the use of AZ/Covishield until further investigations are completed,” Dr. Eleni Galanis wrote.

The vaccine was halted for those under the age of 55 several days later due to concerns that it was connected to rare blood clots, but it was continued for those over 55. It was no longer advised as a second dose for any age group later that spring.

Transcript snippets from Jennifer Little

PDF Page 880 Ms. Little says no scientists or medical doctor’s on the Covid Recovery Team

On Page 880 of the PDF Jennifer Little says the COVID Recovery team was established in late June, early July 2021 and consists of about 20 people with no scientific or medical professional background. The Covid-19 recovery team is a group of analysts that are responsible for acting as a point of contact in Transport Canada for COVID-related activities.

And in the group of 20, “are there any scientists? Any people with a scientific background?”

“Not that I’m aware of.” replied Jennifer Little

When Ms. Little was asked if the Covid-19 recovery team included any medical doctors “There are no medical doctors on the team.” she replied.

PDF Page 882 Covid-19 Recovery team has no epidemiology background

None of them were epidemiology either.

“Do you have any individuals with a background in epidemiology in your COVID-19
recovery team?”
“None that I’m aware of.” said Ms. Little

PDF Page 887 Ms. Little Explains decision making for travel mandates

Jennifer Little said she was not part of the decision making for Covid-19 mandatory vaccination for travel. The way decision making was done is she passed her advice to her direct supervisor who’s the assistant deputy minister for safety and security. Then the the deputy minister and the minister would be presented with a briefing which then would be subject to “government decision-making through cabinet processes”.

“I provide first instance advice to my direct supervisor who’s the assistant deputy minister for safety and security. And from there, briefings would be made to the deputy minister, the minister, and subject to government decision-making through cabinet processes.” Said Jennifer Little

when asked if she was privy to the conversations

I was certainly privy to and part of many conversations with my assistant deputy minister and the deputy minister

PDF PAGE 897 Ms. Little education background

On the PDF page 897 we learn Jennifer Little, the director-general of COVID-19 Recovery has an education background of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Toronto with no educational training in science.

While Ms. Little acknowledges she is not a epidemiologist or a doctor and with no science education background and gets all her information and talking points from PHAC she claims the vaccine is effective in reducing transmission of COVID-19 on flights but has no evidence to to back up this claim.

PDF page 902 PMO did not reach out to Ms. Little or the Covid recovery team about mandatory vaccination policy

Q. Ms. Little, has the prime ministers office ever reached out to you to seek information or recommendations or your input on the mandatory vaccination policy?

A. No

Q. Are you aware as to whether the minister or the prime minister — so the minister of Transport or the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister’s office receive any scientific advice from third parties other than PHAC or Health Canada?

A. I do not have that knowledge(PDF page 902)

PDF page 915 Ms. Little defines “safety”

What is Ms. Little’s definition of “safety and security”(PDF page 915)

Ms. Little says “Safety” in the air sector “we have a team responsible for air safety. Safety airworthiness, safety of the aircraft, that type of thing. Safety of the travellers. We also have security teams that is responsible for protecting against threats, for example, overseeing security screening and making regulations in that part of the thing — that part of the responsibility.”

PDF Page 932: Covid Recovery team did not recommend mandatory vaccination for travel

Q. Did Public Health Agency of Canada or Health Canada recommend to the ministry of transport to implement a mandator vaccination policy for travellers?
A. I don’t recall a direct recommendation
Q. Have you ever seen a recommendation or suggestion by PHAC or Health Canada to the Ministry of Transport to implement a mandatory vaccination policy?
A. Certainly, we worked very closely with them in preparing the policy, which was supported by the government. So in term of a written recommendation, for example, no. But as part of the policy-making process and the decision-making supporting process, certainly we would have been working — we were working very closely with our health colleagues.

PDF Page 935 Jennifer little not a scientist “relied on evidence” provided by public health colleagues

The scope of Covid-19 vaccine mandates was already decided before Covid Recovery Team was formed

The messaging here leads one to believe the decision process was already made and the government was just trying to find rationale to back it up.

MR. PRESVELOS: “Preparing recommendations vis-a-vis the scope the policy presumes that someone already decided to have this policy correct?”

Ms. Little: “Certainly, the announcement is indicative of a decision being — having been made to move in this direction”

PDF Page 1072 McCrorie looking for evidence to support Covid-19 vaccine mandates

“To the extent that updated data exist or that there is clearer evidence of the safety benefit of vaccination on the users or other stakeholders of the transportation system, it would be helpful to assist Transport Canada supporting its measures,” McCrorie wrote. reported by Rupa Subramanya and further investigated and confirmed by Epoch Times.

The cross-examination transcript went like this.

Mr. McCrorie wrote in a e-mail in August 2021 he is not confident in the “rationale” of the covid vaccination mandates and specifically the conversation was focused on employees of the federal transportation system.

MR. PRESVELOS: “Mr. McCrorie is talking about the objective, and he says something similar to what you say which is the safety of the transportation system; right? But then the conversation gets focussed on the impact that a COVID-19 infection could have on employees of the federal transportation system; right?”

Ms. Little: Yes

MR. PRESVELOS: Right. And Mr. McCrorie says that the objective is is in his own words “somewhat supported by the analysis conducted by PHAC”; right? Do you see that?

Ms. Little: In the August in the August product, yes.

pdf page 1097 – email redactions

In Exhibit “G.” e-mails from Mr. McCrorie have been withheld in a redaction claiming “Solicitor-client privilege.” because they contain “legal advice”.

I wasn’t able to grab all 4 compressed files before the federal courts shared links expired. The the 1300 page document and other files at the end of this article for download do not include any copies of these emails.

However Rupa Subramanya and Epoch Times reported on the emails and said to have confirmed the rationale for covid-19 vaccine mandates was weak. Unfortunately no files referencing the page number or screen grabs have been provided from the unredacted emails.

PDF document Page 1104, Transcript page 1098:
Line 15:

Q. Do the individuals who are responsible for deciding when to change or end the vaccine mandate, do you know whether or not they’re qualified to make sense of the complicated analysis that is being provided to your team?
A. I can’t speculate on — on the qualifications

pdf page 1118 and transcript page 1111-1112

1111 line 25: Did you or your Covid-19 Recovery Team
1112 line 1: make any recommendations to change or modify any aspects of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate?

Line 3 Answer: Not in January as I recall — or in December — not in December as I recall.

Line 5 Question: Have you ever had – has your team ever made a recommendation since the mandate was implemented in October of 2021? Have you ever made a recommendation to the deputy minister to change any aspects of the Covid-19 vaccination mandate?

Line 12 Answer: We have made recommendations and outlined considerations. And as I mentioned I can’t — I can’t discuss them

Q: why not?

A: Because they’re subject to very senior level decision-making

PDF Page 1144 “cabinet confidence”.

Since November 30th, The mandate has stayed the same while Ms. Little and hear Covid-19 recovery team did provide new recommendations to the “senior level” decision makers but then she claims “cabinet confidence”.

“I’m not at liberty to disclose anything that is subject to cabinet confidence,” Ms. Little said. 

Ms. Little isn’t party of the cabinet but she is still claiming “cabinet confidence”.

MR. PRESVELOS then pushed forward a motion for a judge to decide on that.

PDF PAGE 1146 “Cabinet confidence”

When Ms. Little was asked if there was a updated presentation in November 2021 to the presentation she created in October 2021 to include the data of Omicron being more transmissible and recorded higher counts at the borders, She claims cabinet confidence even though she is not part of the cabinet.

“There are more recent documents that I cannot disclose.” Ms. Little said

MR. PRESVELOS: “Of course. So I’m going to ask for an undertaking. I I take it that, counsel, your refusal’s going to be cabinet confidentiality even though Ms. Little is not part of the cabinet. And I just want to state it on the record that we will be bringing a motion to compel the disclosure of these documents. R/F”

MR. KERAMATI: “So, for the record, if Ms. Little has stated that it is subject to cabinet confidence, we are not undertaking to provide it on that basis.”

MR. PRESVELOS: “Ms. — Ms. Little’s not a lawyer so, respectfully, she wouldn’t understand the parameters of cabinet confidence.”

MR. KERAMATI: “We are not providing the document on the basis that it’s subject to cabinet confidence.”

MR. PRESVELOS: “And so my question for you is do you have any e-mails, briefs or reports from PHAC and Health Canada recommending the implementation of a mandatory vaccination policy for travel?”


MR. PRESVELOS: “can you hear me?”

Ms. Little: “I can hear you and I’m reflecting on your question”

MR. PRESVELOS: “mm-hmm.

Ms. Little: “I do not recall a document from the Public Health Agency or Health Canada to Transport Canada recommending that Transport Canada take this approach”

PDF Page 1181

Download: T-1991-91 Karl Harrison et al v Attorney General

Torrent magnet Download link http://mgnet.me/eqUnaC9

Files contained in the Torrent:
OCR – T-19991-21-47 – Affidavits.pdf – this file is a copy of T-1991-21 Doc47.pdf but the difference is that it has been converted to OCR meaning that you’re able to search text when reading the file
T-1991-21 Doc47.pdf – This is the original copy of OCR – T-19991-21-47 – Affidavits.pdf which is image files of the transcripts so you’re not able to search text
T-1991-21.zip – This compressed .zip contains the break down in several PDF evidence files and also contains files for Brian Pekford and Maxime Bernier cases

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