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Saskatchewan: Moe stands with Kenney and shuts down the feds. Says vaccinations are a personal choice

Regina – Premier Scott Moe pushed back Friday against the federal health minister’s suggestion of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations like we reported earlier Jason Kenney already says NO to mandatory vaccination.

In a statement, Moe said the provincial government will not be implementing the mass vaccination mandates on their citizens, which was suggested earlier in the day by Jean-Yves Duclos during a media conference held by the federal government. More on that here: Compulsory vaccination for everyone likely coming soon to Canada, says federal health minister

In a statement from Scott Moe issued shortly after the Minister’s comments – the Premiere said the province has no plans to implement mandatory vaccinations. Stating that in Saskatchewan getting vaccinated is a personal choice and not one to be imposed by the government.

“The Government of Saskatchewan will not be implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. While we strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated to protect yourself and others from serious illness, in Saskatchewan this is a personal choice, not one imposed on you by the government. ”

Again this is not about the vaccine but it is about freedom of choice. Although Moe is encouraging people to get vaccinated, he says his position is firm.

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