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David Eby’s plan to ‘reconcile’ B.C. exposes British Columbians to land use blackmail

The B.C. government is on a crusade to hamstring the provinces infrastructure, economy and the right to land use for all.

The BC NDP Government plans to “share” management of B.C. Crown Land with First Nations. Last week Eby’s regime quietly opened public consultation in the matter.

According to Eby’s government, it will be making amendments to the B.C. Land Act which will radically change the way public lands across the entire province are managed.

The B.C. Land Act is the main law government grants leases, licences, permits and rights-of-way over Crown land. In its current form it follows a democratic process where B.C. voters are represented by the politicians they elect into government and decisions are made by the minister of land.

While there’s no draft of bill or any in depth details, the “presentation” shared by the BC government outlines the frame work of the bill will be incorporating the United Nations UNDRIP policy.

What is currently known is First Nations will acquire veto power over decision-making about Crown land tenures. These include things like grazing leases, mining leases, licenses of occupation, dock permits, rights of way, energy projects etc

The Land Act permits 25 different programs, ranging from water power projects to agricultural and communication towers, to access and use of public land.

It will “give teeth to (UNDRIP),” and “set up a whole new norm,” and shift the province away from the Westminster model of government, if “not fully.” Indigenous interest groups stated that “consent will not be given very often, if at all,” as a result of the veto that will be granted.

British Columbians have been used as pawns in many indigenous disputes, just last year First Nations blocked public access to Joffre Lakes provincial park, public land that is maintained with tax payer money.

Some of the things that have not been touch on is if the new legislation will be retro active in such that Indigenous Groups will be able to go back and unapprove projects that are about to start or have already completed. The “reconciliation” policy has the potential for Indigenous groups to ban British Columbians from access to public lands and water. Say good bye to hiking, finish, camping, boating and any other outdoor activity you may enjoy.

British Columbians did not vote for David Eby or the United Nations to govern British Columbia but that’s not stopping unelected BC NDP Premier David Eby from wanting to impose United Nations policies on British Columbians.

Premier David Eby’s majority government is unearned. The unelected Premier of British Columbia inherited a majority government when NDP John Horgan stepped down in 2022.

You can submit your feedback to with the Province by email: LandActamendments@gov.bc.ca, engagement is open until March 31, 2024 according to the BC government engagement website.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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