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Opinion: VCH thinks it’s important for you to know if your midwife has multiple sexual partners

Have you ever went to the child birthing unit and got furious with not knowing your midwives pronouns and gender identity or how many sexual partners they have? Yeah, don’t worry, no one has.

While on the other hand Vancouver Coastal Health wants to jam it down your throat.

In a 8 part series of tweets Vancouver Coastal Health tries to justify telling you it is important for you to know your midwifes pronouns and gender identity and know how many sexual partners they have.

Today Vancouver Coastal health got radioed hard and disabled comments. Now a deleted tweet series but still available on the wayback time machine here.

In this first tweet we are introduced to Alix Bacon pronouns “she/her/hers” who is a registered midwife and the president of the Canadian Association of Midwives.

What are Alix’s qualifications? She may be an instructor and clinical faculty at UBC but who cares, she is “queer and polyamorous” and VCH thinks it’s important for you to know how many people she has sex with.

“People don’t just make assumptions about who your partner is, they also tend to assume you only have one partner,” VCH wrote on social media.


Remember the times when women used to go in for an ultrasound and the doctor would ask the parents if they want to know what sex the baby is?

Apparently that isn’t a thing anymore because Vancouver Coastal Health has forgotten what biology is and believes doctors make a decision when a baby is born as to what sex they are, using the woke pseudo-science or pseudo-biology “sex assigned at birth”.

“Alix suggests ways to be more inclusive can include updating paperwork to recognize pronouns, legal/preferred names, gender and sex assigned at birth.”

Now with the crazy narcissism out of the way lets take a look at what is going on here. This isn’t really about being inclusive is it. Why would Vancouver Coastal Health go out of their way to make the birth experience all about the midwife when it is supposed to be about the mother and baby being born?

No one actually cares how many people their midwife is having sex with. The main thing that everyone is concerned about is, can they catch a baby? Are they qualified for doing their job and able to follow protocols?

Women aren’t going to give birth wanting to have someone else’s religious beliefs forced on to them, they are there to have a baby and find out if it is healthy or not and then take their little bean home.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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