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Trudeau doesn’t understand Fake states of Emergency don’t qualify to invoke the Emergencies Act

This is a fake state of emergency from a baby stomping his feet and flailnging like an idiot.

The Emergencies Act has never been used before in Canada not even for 9/11 or the shooting attack on parliament in 2014.

Today Trudeau called the truckers “terrorists” and everyone that supports them are “terrorists”. But we all know that’s a lie. Here are a few examples of how the peaceful protest is going.

The Emergencies Act was designed to only be used in extreme safety threats to Canadians or time of war. Not for crushing peaceful protests. The Emergencies Act is also to only be used as a last resort. Trudeau has tried nothing and now he’s all out of ideas. The Emergencies Act will allow Justin Trudeau to dictate the Canadian Armed Forces to do is dirty work at will with no questions asked.

In this article we will prove Trudeau is a Tyrant and his actions are unjustified. We will show you what he is saying and then show you the reality of what he falsely claims.

What Trudeau is saying to justify his actions

  • Truckers are white supremacist’s
  • The Peaceful protesters are violent and unlawful putting children’s safety at risk
  • They fly hate symbols on flags
  • The truckers are criminals
  • Truckers for Freedom is a terrorist organization with foreign money influence
  • Border blockades hurting the economy

The Freedom Convoy is so inclusive the homeless have been eating for free with the truckers. Hundreds of Ottawa residents and surrounding areas make day trips to the protest because the family friendly environment and they agree with the message for freedom. The only violence has been a ANTIFA member running over a crowd of freedom protesters in Winnipeg and another radical pro mandates terrorist that ran over another group of freedom convoy protesters and a child in Windsor Ontario

Trudeau and legacy media said the truckers for freedom convoy was all white supremist

Trudeau says kids safety is at risk:

Trudeau and legacy media repeat this lie all day every day saying the children are at risk

The reality:

It’s a family friendly environment with bouncy castles and kids playing hockey

They fly hate symbols on flags:

If the Canada Flag is a hate symbol to Trudeau and legacy media they should be moving out of Canada.

Truckers are Criminals

Crime rates have plummeted in Ottawa since the Truckers for Freedom Convoy rolled in to town.

Reported Toronto Sun In the week before the protest, the same district saw 31 police calls for robbery, assault, drug trafficking, public drunkenness, stolen vehicles, store break-ins and other crimes.

“There have been no riots, injuries or deaths,” Police Chief Peter Sloly said Wednesday at the municipal Police Services Board.

Truckers for Freedom is a terrorist organization with foreign money influence

With no evidence the Trudeau government claims the truckers have a mission to over throw the government. This is all speculation with nothing to back it up. They claim the truckers are getting funding from organization outside of Canada. That is a lie as we will cover in this next section.

The Truckers Convoy had a GoFundMe account set up that raise around $10 million Canadian Dollars. The government of Canada convinced GoFundMe to suspend the account and fund raiser. GoFundMe complied. GoFundMe was about to steal the money and send it to leftist organizations of its choosing when a lawyer stepped in and mad GoFundMe return the money back to the donors. The truckers never saw any of this money, so they are still protesting on their own money.

Another crowdfunding donations campaign went up on SaveSendGo. It raise around $10 million USD. The Government of Canada had TD bank freeze all accounts related to the Truckers Convoy crowdfunding. Then they called the truckers terrorists and said if any money is used from the crowd funding they are committing a terrorist act. Non of that money has bloated to the truckers and the truckers are still protesting with their own money and help from locals and thousands of Canadians touring to Ottawa just for the freedom protest.

The foreign money paying for the convoy is a lie because non of the money has made it to the truckers.

Border blockades hurting the economy

Trudeau has destroyed the economy and lives of millions of Canadians for 2 years while forcing tens of thousands of small businesses to close down. 24 months of destruction with out being worried about the damage he was causing.

Ambassador Bridge blockade has been cleared for 3 days he can’t use this as an excuse.

The Coutts border blockade. The RCMP are the ones with the blockade set up. The truckers were leaving one lane of traffic open in good faith. The police are the ones doing a full blockade at the border. Aside from that, today the protesters have started to roll out therefore the Coutts border is not being blocked

Does this overreaching reaction meet the requirements to invoke Emergencies Act?

Absolutely not. No ones life is at risk of anything and all border blockades have been moved.. The Act is designed to protect Canadians not to attack peaceful protesters because Trudeau’s friends had their income disrupted for 4 days at the border when Trudeau has been disrupting all Canadians lives and the Canadian economy for 2 years. This is a fake state of emergency in a desperate attempt to grab more power because he fails to present proof for all his unscientific and unlawful mandates. He claims he is following the so-called best science but fails to prove where this science is and how it justifies his unlawful actions. He fails to provide a plan moving forward to reopen the country even though many provinces are dropping all COVID mandates and countries around the world are doing the same.

There is no excuse for Trudeau to invoke the Emergencies act to suspend all our civil liberties, spy on Canadians and take over Canadians bank accounts and take assets without a court order or a warrant. This means all Canadians.

People who disagree with Trudeau’s fake emergency

All Conservative MP’s

Alberta is opposed to it, Saskatchewan,  Manitoba and Quebec

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet

Liberal MP Joel Lightbound

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