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Justin Trudeau’s fake emergency and freezing accounts was political warfare

Last week Justin Trudeau revoked his use of the Emergencies Act because there’s no actual emergency. So why are hundreds of Canadians still suffering with frozen bank accounts, credit cards, retirement investments and mortgages?

FINTRAC has released in their report and said on multiple occasions that there were no suspicious donations made to the Truckers for Freedom crowd fundraising.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said such heavy-handed measures were essential as the Trudeau government sent banks on a witch hunt through the account records and credit histories of regular Canadians who had provided money to the Freedom Convoy.

“We know these platforms are being used to support illegal blockades and illegal activity which is damaging the Canadian economy” said Freeland.

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), is the federal agency within the Department of Finance responsible for detecting and preventing money laundering, terrorism financing and transfers of the proceeds of crime.

FINTRAC is the agency directly under Freelands’s department and they say otherwise. The donors were just the average person sick of COVID-19 restrictions – not people wanting to overthrow the government.

“It was [donors’] own money. It wasn’t cash that funded terrorism [and was not] in any way money laundering,” MacKillop testified.

He added, “There were people around the world who were fed up with COVID-19 and were upset and saw the demonstrations. I believe they just wanted to support the cause.” 

Legally these Canadians have done nothing wrong or criminal that justifies freezing their bank accounts. Their lives have been crippled and they have lost everything based on nothing, except them just disagreeing with the government. They are being held as political financial prisoners.

Opposition oppression isn’t a new thing and has been used around the world by other governments and dictators throughout history.

The Emergencies Act is the War Measures Act that apparently still “respects” the Charter of Rights. Justin Trudeau’s delusions created an imaginary war in his head about what was actually going on.

To get a visual of what was going on in Justin Trudeau’s head we just need to look at one place. An actual real war. The Russia – Ukraine war.

Missiles flying, gun fire, bombs dropping, tanks rolling down the roads, people hiding underground and fleeing the country. That is an emergency.

Not the Truckers for Freedom Convoy. It brought tourism to Ottawa, people in hot tubs and trucks honking horns, lots of food and took care of the homeless. Out of the thousands of flags, only two were unacceptable, but they were only seen once and did not pose any danger to our democracy. No buildings were “occupied” and the government wasn’t prevented from working once, except the one day the government instructed for police action to take place on peaceful protesters.

The Liberals have clearly demonstrated they have lack of knowledge or they just don’t care about our democratic rights to release Canadians’ money and admit with a publicly apology for their unjustified overreach.

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