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Quebec to punish unvaccinated with financial penalties

MONTREAL — Adult Quebecers who refuse to be injected with experimental vaccines against COVID-19 will be forced to pay a “significant” financial penalty, Premier Francois Legault said Tuesday, one day after the sudden resignation of the province’s public health director.

This will be the first time in Canada a government would apply a penalty to people that exercise their fundamental rights, freedom of choice. The penalty will apply to anyone without a medical exemption, Legault told reporters in Montreal, which there is very few. This is a blanket fascist measure because it’s not directed only at the population at risk but to everyone all together from children to adults. An all or nothing approach that ignored using critical thinking skills and common sense. We learned earlier over 75 percent’ of COVID deaths were in those with ‘at least 4 comorbidities.

“I think right now, it’s a question of fairness for the 90 per cent of the population who made some sacrifices — I think we owe them this kind of measure,” Legault said.

There’s wasn’t any details at this announcement and seemed to be rushed out the gates. There wasn’t any details about how much the financial penalty will cost and how the penalty is applied and caused more questions to arise than answers being delivered. He said that $50 or $100 is not enough. On top of that “fully vaccinated” is now officially 3 doses of the covid-19 vaccine in Quebec and we don’t know if the double jabbed will become known as unvaccinated in the future because the efficacy wanes.

Liberal Opposition Leader Dominique Anglade suggested Legault rushed the announcement to distract people.

“We didn’t hear anything about a safe return to school for our children, more rapid tests, a resumption of surgeries,” Anglade tweeted on Tuesday after the premier’s news conference. She described Legault’s announcement as a “smoke show” that lacked detail.

With no science to back up his opinions, Legault said the segregation vaccine passport expansion is still on the table “Yes, we will continue to look at spreading the use of the vaccine passport, but I think we have to go further.”

If Legault makes good on his threats it will be interesting to see what approach they will take to enforce the levy on the unvaccinated. Quebec’s would be the first in North America to join several European countries that have similar plans. Residents in Austria, aged 14 and over that aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19 by March 15 will face fine up to $5,147. In Greece the dead line is Jan. 16, 2022 for people over the age of 60 to get vaccinated with their first dose or they will be fined $143 a month. Italy directed their extra tax ad residents 50 and old which if not vaccinated will face fines up to $2,287

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, marched on Saturday with thousands in Montreal on against Quebec’s lockdowns. Max wasted no time to release his statement.

“Governments started by imposing a vaccine passport and denying access to certain public areas for unvaccinated people,” Bernier said. “Now Quebec is willing to go much further and impose what is essentially a costly fine to peaceful citizens who refuse a health intervention. And if these citizens refuse to pay it, at the end of the day, there are always policemen with guns who will enforce the rule.”

“We are quickly becoming a police state, a fascist state where the government can decide to abrogate our fundamental rights and freedoms based on a mass hysteria that they’ve created,” Bernier added. “They are scapegoating a minority of the population as the cause of all of society’s problems, and they are willing to persecute them.”

“It’s all extremely disturbing.”

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