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Maxime Bernier marches with Montrealers against “draconian” Quebec restrictions

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and thousands of people attended a protest in Montreal on Saturday against mandatory COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine passports.

While the weather in Montreal was frigid, Bernier declared in a video shared on Twitter that it would not deter the crowd from protesting. People are willing to battle for their rights, he remarked.

“We are saying no to these draconian measures, no to more lockdowns, no to vaccine passports and no to the delusion and segregation that our establishment leaders are imposing on us right now,” he said. 

Bernier said he wants to unite everyone under “the freedom umbrella.” 

The protest, called the Quebec Pro-Choice and Free Choice March, drew several thousand people. 

Protestors waved Quebec and upside-down Canadian flags as they marched through the streets of Old Montreal. Flying a flag upside down is a sign of a country in distress or to make a political statement. Some of them held signs with statements such as “Unvaccinated lives matter,” “Free choice” and “Legault has got to go.” 

One protester told CTV News Montreal that he is standing with other vaccinated Canadians as well as unvaccinated that oppose the vaccine mandates “I’m vaxxed, she’s vaxxed,” said protester Alf Mayer. “But the thing is, I’m against mandatory vax.” 

Quebec health minister Christian Dube announced on Thursday that the province would be expanding its vaccine passport system to require a third shot.

Dube did not provide a set date for the change although he said it would be made once all Quebecers were eligible for a third dose.

Quebecers can currently receive a third dose only if they are 45 years old or older, but all adults will be able to receive the booster shot on Jan. 17.

Dube also announced on January 18, 2022 anyone entering a cannabis or liquor store will be required to show a vaccine passport.

“By limiting the places (the unvaccinated) can go, we’re limiting their contacts,” he said. “If you don’t want to get vaccinated, stay home.”

In addition, according to Dube, Quebec would broaden vaccine passports to include non-essential businesses such as personal care services. This information will be released in the next days.

This looks like lot like what is happening in France right now. Reported by Rebel News

He found out shortly after that the country was more close than he expected with possibly hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to take part in no vaccine mandates protests across the country. Not only the country but we know it world wide yes we are all in this together. We are all in this fight for our freedoms together no matter what our vaccination status is. This is the people vs the government not the people vs the people like mainstream media like you to believe.

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