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Anti-convoy radicals dehumanizing fellow Canadians, labels truckers as “vermin, plague rats, white trash racists”

In the last few years we have seen all sorts of protests and rallies taking place for all different type of reasons. It our rights as Canadians to a peaceful protest but it is illegal for riots and violence.

Currently the Convoy for Freedom is headed to Ottawa during a peaceful protest on the highway while driving. Supporters are lining the edge of the road flying support banners and Canadian flags in support of the Truckers for Freedom Rally.

The mainstream media and Trudeau are painting these peaceful protesters as as so-called “white nationalists,” “far-right” and “domestic terrorists.” 

Mainstream journalists have ignored the vitriol hurled at the convoy’s opponents, but that hasn’t stopped them from cherry picking a few bad actors who have used the peaceful protest to spread extremist ideas.

When we take a look at the people in this freedom rally we can clearly see the narrative from mainstream media and Trudeau is a lie. tens of thousands of Canadian truckers come from South East Asia and they are taking part in the rally. The Freedom Convoy has a plan and they have made it public. There was no attempt to hide what they are trying to accomplish and that’s why a majority of Canadians are supporting. In a post to social media a twitter user by the handle @atwal_manjit posted a copy of the plan saying they will NOT block any emergency vehicles on their way and when they get there. The truckers also support the rest of the general public and will stop to help people in need because they know how dangerous our Highways are in the mountains and the snowy conditions.

“Truckers will NOT block emergency vehicles at any point, ever, and will even assis any person in need at any point in the convoy or protest. Safety plans are in place. Drivers have been briefed and signed.” reads the statement

Police have been talking to the legacy media to spin a narrative of violence even though the organizers have been in contact with police and cooperating the whole way.

The federal government

“I don’t want to minimize the fact that we have to remain vigilant and work together to address these issues (of supply chain disruptions),” Alghabra told The Canadian Press, adding he plans to hold a summit on the issue with retailers on Monday.

“But this notion that we’re going to starve is really unfortunate and does disservice to Canadians, to Canadian society and to the debate that we need to be having.”

Alghabra took particular aim at Conservative MPs, some of whom have offered full-throated support for the truck convoy. Some Conservatives have posted pictures of empty grocery store shelves, at least one of which turned out to be a stock photo of a British store.

“It’s irresponsible for anybody to spread fear for political gains,” Alghabra said.

Speaking of irresponsible, we have been lied to this whole time about COVID. The real numbers just don’t make sense compared ot the narrative. We have been told COVID is so dangerous we need to lock everyone up at home to stop the spread and get vaccinated. The true facts are a majority of the people dying from COVID are elderly and vulnerable people compromised immune systems.

Health officials have finally come clean, sort of, and releasing the figure that 50% of the people in hospital aren’t actually there for COVID but for other non related reasons. They have also finally admitted Omicron is vastly more mild than delta and we need to just learn to live with COVID like the flu. In B.C. 98% of the population is low to very low risk of hospitalization after a COVID-19 infection. The survival rate cross Canada is 99.96% (general population). All the fearmongering and false statements from the federal Government is irresponsible, but we don’t hear anyone calling out the federal Government about this. When we do see this concern voiced, the people voicing it are demonized and painted as far right-wing racists, which makes no sense.

Trudeau is sitting on a throne of lies and pumping fear porn and propaganda to the public every time he is on TV. Now that the masses and greater majority of Canadians have awakened and see through the lies, the authoritarians are trembling in fear and digging in harder with their unconstitutional mandates. They are now pulling out everything in the book to try to spin a narrative that any one that oppose the unscientific mandates is a terrorist. This is straight up divisive hate speech and lies.

The genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in until. All this abuse on the people of Canada by their egotistical narcissistic sociopath leader Trudeau starts to tell the truth.

The whole crazy bit about this we can see how the Trudeau government and legacy media has lost touch with reality. What exactly is considered as “violence” and “threatening” in Canada now?

The only violence visible anywhere is threats against the trucker convoy.

Others called the freedom protestors “revolting humans” and “disgusting creatures” for opposing vaccine mandates and the deterioration of human rights. One Twitter user even called the truckers “dirty, and gross and a biosecurity risk.”

Racist and dehumanizing language

Racist terms such as “white trash” made a frequent appearance.  Meanwhile, other Twitter users resorted to dehumanizing terms such as “vermin” and “ plague rats” to describe their fellow Canadians.

Making up fake news and make believe scenarios while spreading misinformation

A twitter user telling us the vaccines stop the spread of COVID and if you do not have the vaccine shot you apparently are automatically infected with COVID. This is so unscientific and proven wrong by real science and real world data.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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