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Canada will supply non-lethal weapons and training support to Ukraine

With rising tension and rising Russian aggression “Canada will be there with Ukraine giving support to Ukraine” so they can defend themselves if Russia were to invade them.

Trudeau said he is wants to find a solution for “desecration and a diplomatic solution” during this processes without causing a security risk to people on all sides.

Trudeau authorized the expansion of the training mission and immediate support of operation unifier has for 3 years. Canada has committed a total of $340 million in loans to Ukraine

There is currently about 100,000 Russian troops at the Russia-Ukraine board with tanks. Ukraine fears a Russian invasion or insurrection. Fears are rising across Europe in the NATO military alliance, but Russia has denied it has a hostile intent.

Canadian Armed Forces have been authorized to deploy 60 more personnel troops to support the current 200 men and women on the ground in Ukraine. With increased up to 400 on the ground in the future.

The type of support on equipment and supplies. Canada will be providing non-lethal equipment such as Body armour, optics and scopes “intelligent sharing and support to combat cyber attacks” to help Ukraine defend it’s sovereignty security and territorial integrity.

Minister Anand will travel to latvia and Ukraine to visit our forces in the coming days.

Additionally canada is providing up to $50 million dollars to deliver development and humanitarian aid.

“We continue to call Russia to de-escalate and engage meaningful dialogue until a peaceful diplomatic solution is reach” said Trudeau. The message he gave earlier to president Fondelion of the European union.

“Overall, the EU has become ever more divided and less capable of speaking with one voice,” wrote the council’s research director Jeremy Shapiro. “On the contrary, what we’ve seen is a show of unity,” GabriÄ told The Canadian Press in an interview this week.

The thought of a divide is because around 40% of European countries depend on Russia for their energy needs.

Worlds dictators are watching to see if our alliances of democracies have the will and the power to stand up to the rules based international order.

Since 2015 there has been 200 Canadian troops in Ukraine under operation unifier training as much as 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Including 2000 members of the Ukrainian national guards

“Diplomacy is the only viable way forward for Russia” said Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly. Any further aggression will have serious consequences including coordinated sanctions and Canada is prepared.


What possible sanctions russia might face?

All western countries have agreed that will impact Russia’s economy from different areas in a unified agreement “strong cohesive and aligned sanctions on individuals on financial institutions on other areas and sectors of the economy are going to be extremely important and Russia needs to be under no illusions” Trudeau said. Russian has claimed there will be no major impact on their economy if sanctions were put on to them by the West

Trudeau assured a “concerted approach by western democracies will be clear and forceful in terms of economic impact on Russia”

Asked multiple times why he won’t send lethal weapons he kept assuring we don’t need to rise any more tensions right not “This is not a combat mission it is a training mission. But we will make sure Canadian military will remain safe if there is a Russian invasion.”

GabriÄ said there is already discussions, Canada and the EU are co-ordinating closely on imposing fresh sanctions on Russia in the event it invades Ukraine.

“We have been co-ordinating our actions and co-ordinating what we are preparing in terms of deterrence. And we really see eye to eye. We appreciate Canada’s role in support of European security.”

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