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It’s a trap. Watch out for controlled opposition at Truckers for Freedom Convoy

There’s potential for controlled opposition at the Convoy for Freedom Rally. For those who don’t know. Controlled opposition is the Government opposing itself with a controlled group.

Tyrant Trudeau chief authoritarian has shown us with his divisive hate speech‘s he can’t be trusted.

Now why is the a worry? Well we don’t want history to repeat himself but this time here in Canada. If the Government does run a controlled opposition campaign and it’s successful with getting people to enter the government buildings. Trudeau can give himself god like power and put us all in to a police state

The only people talking about a so call insurrection violence or a ‘January 6 moment’ is mainstream media here and here and Trudeau’s divisive hate speech to discredit legitimate concerns and group. Check out some fun videos of Truckers for freedom rally, lots of positivity being shared online.

There’s thousands of videos on social media of supporters cheering on the Convoy for Freedom, because their voices are finally being heard. There has been no opposition in parliament for a lot of the rights and freedoms being taken away from Canadians at lightning speeds.

With no opposition there has also been no reasonable or logical debates. We need debates about the blanket measures, we are sitting in a dead stop. The claim of the false narrative is. Vaccines and lock downs as the so called only way to “end this pandemic”.

We can clearly see around the world that isn’t the case has most of the United States as reopened with no mandates and the EU is dropping all their COVID-19 mandates. They have introduced early treatment and a “we need to just live with it” measure.

One thing that stands out like a red flag right now is the mainstream media has already started a smear campaign of propaganda like dictators have done in the past.

The controlled opposition is ripe for appearing at any time during this protest because it is a freedom rally with many offshoot groups. The types of controlled opposition we can see is radical anti-convoy protesters showing up to start problems with the truckers or, cause disruption to infrastructure and damage. But we can even potentially see some of them hide inside the group of law biding demonstrators inciting violence. This is a possibility because mainstream media is claiming some so called extremists are on their way because they were able to cherry pick a couple posts on social media.

The anti-convoy protester that have been posting online have major extremist views. They have been calling for violence on the freedom protesters and for them to die. These terrorist anti-convoy protesters a dangerous and need to be reported as soon as they are seen at the Truckers for Freedom convoy.

The emergency plan document has been released under a freedom of information act request reported on by The Count Signal

“Thus, all truckers and other demonstrators participating in the protest should be cautioned against the possible influence of bad state actors attempting to goad people into storming parliament: DO NOT ENTER PARLIAMENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.” quoted from Journalist Keean Bexte at the Counter Signal

Keep in mind this is not coming from paranoia, this is to make sure the movement isn’t hi-jacked.

Quote in history “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” credited to Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin 

Be diligent and don’t fall a trap.

Things to remember while at the protest.

  • There will be a large police presents around parliament
  • Keep your eyes open and aware of your surroundings.
  • if you see someone acting suspicious report them
  • if someone is getting in your face to try to aggravate you, report them to the authorities because it might be controlled opposition
  • denounce any so called extremist groups you may see and take pictures and video of them just incase we need it for future investigations
  • Some potential controlled opposition can include special government agents or groups in their funded propaganda arms
  • If you hear anyone trying to incite violence or an over throw of Government you have all rights to chant over them saying “This is a peaceful protest, violence is not welcome” to help deter their propaganda from spreading
  • The people in the protest are the eyes on the ground for the authorities. Lets make sure we hold the Government accountable

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