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O’Toole finally says he supports the Truckers for Freedom Convoy

As the Convoy started trucking along to the nations capital in Ottawa dozens of Conservatives stamped their name on the supports list. O’Toole was caught dodging questions asking if he supports it. But now finally after dragging his feet for a while he jumps on board.

At a conference On January 27, 2022 O’Toole was supposed tell us what happened in the Conservatives 2 day caucus meeting and a report on their election results. He said he will not be giving that speech because he has “never seen the country more divided before” O’Toole said. “I have never seen a time we need to come together more than now”

“After two years Canadians are tired. They’re tired because they followed the rules. We worked from home, our kids haven’t been in school” said O’Toole. Canadians have had their whole lives disrupted, paused and many cases completely destroyed by the Government Policy failures.

“Most Canadians got the jab” O’Toole says because we were all told 70% vaccination rate of 1 dose. And we have 82% double dosed. We blew the requirement out of the water and doubled it while 30% have caved for a third and in many cases with no reason to.

“This year started out just like last year. With lock downs. With curfews. With division and that’s only getting worse”

The movement has been ripping through the headlines in local news are trucks crossed the country with supporters lining the sides of high ways and overpasses. It has captured major headlines and support globally across the entire world UK Scottland India USA Australia Switzerland. In some of these countries the Canadians birthed a movement there and engines are starting to rumble everywhere around the world

With thousands of vehicles and possibly tens of thousands of people descending on the city for the next few days with the Convoy for freedom “is a symbol of the fatigue in our Country right now”

He finally showed the role of real leadership of the opposition party and called out Trudeau and voiced the concerns Canadians of Government failure “The very fact the Prime Minister won’t listen or hear these voices shows the degree of division that exists in our country.” O’Toole says.

The Conservatives will always support anyone that “wants to work hard” in Canada and provide for their family. “That is why we always had issues with mandates” O’Toole says. He pretty much explains the Charter and our rights to work and prosper without saying it “we don’t believe anyone should lose their house, their family and their livelihood because of this pandemic. Particularly, when if we plan better we would have the tools to manage COVID-19. The very fact we don’t have these tools by the fifth wave of the pandemic is a failure of the Trudeau Government” O’Toole said. Trudeau has ignored all the science about natural immunity, low risk vs high risk, early treatment “Rather than delivering we see further and further division”

O’Toole has said he is going all in and saying “the dignity of a job of any type is something i will always stand up and fight for”

Since the beginning of the pandemic we were calling anyone that was still working, essential workers and hero’s O’Toole expresses concern for the country “now too many people are allowing the frustration of the pandemic to allow ourselves to become divided. To allow the majority to be so frustrated with the minority that we’re willing to see people lose their livelihood. Lose their faith in this country. And that will cause permanent damage long beyond COVID-19.

All conservatives have the backs of everyone in Canada that wants to work hard and stands up for their rights to a job O’Toole explained. But “why would Trudeau not standup for working people” He confirmed he will be meeting with Truckers and speaking to them because he understands the symbol of fatigue and he was to do what a good leader should and that’s hear directly from the people being impacted.

O’Toole is calling for a unity of the Canadian population and calls complete failure for not wanting to talk to the people that he’s been messing over for 2 years. “its the type of leadership we’re not seeing from Justin Trudeau. This convoy in many ways represents people who feel they do not have a voice in Ottawa” He says he will make sure that everyone has a voice in Ottawa and no one is left behind “in the pandemic, in the cost of living crisis, in the house crisis

Mainstream media, Stephanie Talyor with Canadian press makes up some imaginary violence within the Trucker for Freedom convoy when we only see anti-convoy radicals dehumanizing the tuckers and supporters and threatening violence on them for protesting. What ever country she has been watching, it has not been Canada because it is massively divided right now.

O’Toole says with the fifth wave should have more tools to manage to COVID that are safe, effective and fair.

Jesse from Freelance goes psychotic with a unhinged and delusional rant. He starts falsely accusing and tell O’Toole he is admitting to being part of extremism and hate groups. This guy has lost his mind with COVID hysteria and so called extremist propaganda from a couple cherry picked things while failing to recognize the extremists terrorists that are threatening the truckers and supporters. There is a hashtag #FLUTRUXKLAN on social media linked to all these extremists with violent and hate messages towards the convoy.

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