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Jagmeet Singh faces drive-by insult, accuses heckler of ‘homophobia’

A man yelled hurled insults at Jagmeet Singh as he was answering questions at a media available conference.

A video captured on Tuesday, shows a man drive by in a black sedan rolling down his window and shouted at Singh. It sounded like the heckler was criticizing Singh’s support for Justin Trudeau, for the most part it was inaudible.

Singh immediately accused his heckler of “homophobia” several times during the exchange.

“If you’re homophobic, you know, keep it to yourself. Your homophobia is very inappropriate,” said Singh. 

The heckler was also clearly heard calling Singh a piece of sh*t. Singh then claimed he is will to have a conversation.

“You’re driving away… I’m right here, we can have a conversation if you’d like.” Singh said

As soon as the truck drove away, Singh returned to his press conference. 

Trudeau and Singh draw crowds everywhere they go in Canada, unfortunately for them is usually full of hecklers as polls show they’re struggling to gain support.

According to Singh, yesterday he said he wanted to “have a conversation” with the heckler. Last year in Ontario at an election meet and greet event in Brampton Singh fled the scene when Sikh protesters confronted the far left NDP leader.

“We’ve got questions,” said one protester. “Don’t sell out!”

The conversation with the hecklers never happened as Singh jumped into a gas power SUV with a chauffeur and it sped off with the rest of his motor brigade. According to videos posted online the organizers of the publicly accessible event called the police on the protesters that tried to have a conversation with Singh.

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