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Being vaccinated doesn’t automatically mean support for mandates

It’s true, 82% of the entire population of Canada is vaccinated. It’s true about 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated. But claiming these vaccinated numbers prove support for the vaccine mandates is a gross misinterpretation of support.

Mainstream media and Trudeau has been lying to everyone in Canada and world wide “a vast majority of Canadians did the right thing and rolled up their sleves” Trudeau says in every conference and interview.

A majority of the population got the shot to save their jobs and not be forced in to poverty and on to the streets with their families. A majority of the population is not at high risk of hospitalization from COVID-19, the numbers prove to us it’s the elderly and immunocompromised vulnerable that are hi risk. Blanket measures arr unscientific and do not support the views of Canadian’s.

Trudeau’s gross obsession with vaccines is hurting Canada and Canadians. The only thing he ever talks about is “get vaccinated”. He points at the vaccination rates and with his delusional egotistical narcissist views makes a false claim everyone that got vaccinated supports unconstitutional and unscientific vaccine mandates and lock downs.

Mainstream media latches on to this fringe idea of misinformation and spreads it like a virus. The mandates were designed to “stop and slow the spread”. But as time has gone on the mandates have proven to make no sense because the vaccine doesn’t stop or slow the spread. The vaccine only reduces severity in the person that got the vaccine. Ine persons vaccine status provides no protection for someone else.

The Government and unelected health officials have been lying since the beginning. They have lied for 2 years about the hospitalization rates and numbers due to covid related care. They have lied about who is high risk of dying. The public has become outraged with the Government, unelected health officials and the disgusting legacy media because they all push a false narrative.

Canadians and everyone around the world deserve transparency. After public pressure Canada’s provincial health officials have finally admitted they were lying about covid-19 numbers. But they continually try to lie with statistics pretending the general public is stupid and can’t read or think. The paid science the unelected health officials has been questioned by many experts across Canada and the world.

Censorship has run rampant and demonizing anyone that questions the false narrative. It’s very egotistical and narcissistic to think no one else other than these Trudeau hand picked “experts” are the only ones that can make sense of the science and statistics.

Mainstream legacy media keeps trying to call the Convoy for Freedom a “fringe and minority” group. They have also tried to attack extremism to the words “freedom rally” and “Convoy for freedom”. They are straight up trying to cause problems and sway the public opinion to follow a false narrative.

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