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Secret memo reveals government purposely mislead Canadians on Covid-19 vaccine injuries

In secret back room meetings behind closed doors the federal government conspired on “winning communications strategies” to downplay injuries and deaths caused by the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

Blacklock’s Reporter obtained the memo from an Access to Information Act. According to Blacklock’s Reporter the memo on May 2021 PCO the government was fully informed and aware some reactions to the experimental COVID-19 vaccines ranged from “minor to severe,”

The government railed against opinions from healthcare professionals, experts and concerned citizens whether accurate or not in an attempt to manipulate Canadians to get the Covid jab despite a memo form May 2021 that was obtained by Blacklock’s report in a Access to Information Act request, revealing the government and PCO knew some reactions to the experimental COVID-19 vaccines ranged from “minor to severe.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau receives direct reports from the Privy Council. In their ‘superior’ wisdom, politicians and bureaucrats made the conceit that it was acceptable to distort the truth in the interest of the greater good.

They quickly discussed countering any messaging or media reports of true vaccine injury stories and risks to ensure public confidence in “the safety of the vaccine.”

“Adverse effects following immunization news reports and the government’s response to them have the potential to shake public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout,” said the memo Testing Behaviourally-Informed Messaging in Response to Severe Adverse Events Following Immunization.

“There is a delicate balance between ensuring the safety of the vaccine and promoting public awareness while also ensuring public confidence in the safety of the vaccine,” said the memo.

The memo offered examples of how to speak of the COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths in a positive way.

Some of the phrases provided were:

  • The “chance of it happening to me is one in a million” instead of “it has happened five times.”
  • The “chance of a Canadian being injured in a car accident” is higher than getting injured by the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • “as tragic as they are, such health events occur every day whether or not people are vaccinated.”

“News reports of adverse events following immunization and the government’s response to them have strong potential to influence public confidence in vaccines and their safety,” said the memo.

“The current study proactively tested the impact of various messaging strategies delivered through different messengers in response to a hypothetical adverse effect following immunization.”

“Its intent was to help prepare the government for response to potential adverse events following immunization, to identify winning communication strategies to maximize public confidence in the government’s COVID regulatory regime (and) maximize public confidence in the safety of the COVID vaccine and further drive vaccination intentions.”

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