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The end of travel mandates and ArriveCAN being discussed by Trudeau government says ‘government sources’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet may be considering ending their Covid-19 vaccine mandate at the border and random testing, which could mean the end to the highly unpopular ArriveCAN app.

According to the Toronto Star, The Trudeau government might finally put an end to the divisive policies as pressure within the Liberals own caucus and bureaucracy mount up to scrap rules that are outdated and unnecessary.

Apparently government sources say the Liberals are re-evaluating the “threat environment” like they said they would and make adjustments when new information supports it.

Currently Canadians re-entering Canada that don’t use the ArriveCAN app could face punishments. Canadian citizens and permanent residents could run the risk of not being elidable for the “fully vaccinated” traveller exemption will be required to quarantine and you “may be subject to fines (up to $5,000) or enforcement action.” the Trudeau government threatened Canadians on July 7, 2022

For several months it has been known that Liberal MPs have criticized their own government for continuing with the Covid-19 mandates. In February Liberal MP for Louis-Hébert Joel Lightbound denounced the governments Covid-19 response as useless.

In July 2022, NDP MP, Brian Mass, called Trudeau’s ArriveCAN app ‘worthless’, he also echoed the concerns of Canadians saying “It’s being used as a back door to permanently track all border crossing.”

On August 1, 2022, BC Rise reported Trudeau’s tracking app, ArriveCAN had started to be investigated by the Privacy Commissioner in August for the way to collected and stored personal private data.

The Conservative caucus has been on Trudeau’s case to lift the Covid-19 travel mandates since the beginning of this year and People’s Party of Canada leader, Max Bernier has been very vocally against the travel mandates since they were announced last year.

Experts also slammed the Trudeau governments tracking app for violating human rights and wrongfully telling around 10,000 people they have to quarantine and the quarantine enforcers will be following up with them to make sure they are staying under house arrest.

US Congresswoman Elise Stefanik wrote a letter to the Trudeau government saying the app is disruptive and and harmful to tourism.

Ending of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates and the ArriveCAN app would mean Canada’s tourism will once again be open to international travelers and allow Canadians to re-enter Canada hassle free.

Canadians that didn’t want to provide private medical information or did not receive 2 of the Covid-19 shots by November 30, 2021, were then imprisoned inside Canada and banned from leaving the country and travelling within Canada via Rail or plane. The prison doors opened in July, 2022, when Trudeau “suspended” the Covid-19 vaccine mandate to leave the country.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise



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