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Brad Vis tells reporters don’t forget about B.C., inflation and cost of housing

While the COVID pandemic is still the major headline for mainstream media and Conservative Brad Vis wants them to remember B.C. still exists. After the natural disasters British Columbia was hit with in 2021 the clean up is still on the way. Lytton is still in the process of trying to rebuild. The dykes in Abbotsford aren’t even finished being repaired yet” we gotta make sure we get the dyke infrastructure, support for farmers”. Our local farmers never recovered and lost most of their revenue and the food for our tables. “There is just so much going on in my province” Brad Vis said.

It’s a shame Trudeau took so long to get parliament back up and running because “we gotta get focused on things Canadians care about. We gotta talk about inflation and cost of housing” Brad Vis said. Even in Abbotsford “my house assessment, in my neighborhood went up 46%” said Brad. “how does a young graduate afford a house these days? How does someone that makes a six figure income afford a house today?”. Al valid questions that need answers.

The Canadian dream was much like the American dream where people buy a home and get settled in and raise a family but the “Canadian dream is being taken away by a lot of young people”

Brad said he thinks they will be debating C-8 next week and “that’s what Canadians want us to talk about, how the government is spending”. A third of the spending outlined by the parliamentary budget officer has nothing to do with COVID. He raises question about the long term impact on our finances and the well being of Canadians that will be left to pay that debt in the future. “Those are the questions that need to be answered right now and that’s what the conservative party’s is focusing on”

Of course MSM couldn’t let the questioning stop without asking about the truckers for freedom protest. Showing his support for Canadians he calls out the mainstream media for trying to find bad things on social media or where every they can get rare to find cherry picked controversies “Canadians don’t know where to turn right now. I think the Ottawa media, the establishment media has been looking controversy with some of these truckers looking for something bad someone said on social media” Brad Vis said. He acknowledge they are all coming to Ottawa because there lives have been impacted like the rest of us, for the last 2 years and they want to make their voices hear.

He rips it in to the media letting them know these protesters are humans and they are Canadians too. They are finding a “constructive way” to say “Hey I’m not ok with what is happening. I’m not ok with everything the Governments doing”.

Driving across the country to in the peaceful protest we have been witnessing for 4 days is “a really healthy way to demonstrate about something and that should be encouraged. Brad said.

MSM tried to fearmonger and talk about an extremism movement asking if the thinks it might hijack the legitimate protest, and Brad fired back with logic “that’s something that’s part of any protest movement”. Letting the media know what they are trying to drum up fear instead of focusing on the peaceful protest that it is organized to be. The organizers have been 100% transparent with the plan and even keep in touch with the authorities.

MSM tried to make it sound like the very first time they have ever heard a threat was some time this week and tried to make it sound like that got a lot. “we don’t usually get death threats” most likely talking only about one rare case because they love to sensationalize everything. “I tell you i never got death threats until I became a member of parliament”.

MSM questioned if it is “normal” these but “what constitutes as normal these days” said Brad. and everyone has a different view of what “normal” is.

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