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John Horgan says freedom matters. Just not in Canada

At a media available conference yesterday John Horgan insisted freedom matters. As long as it’s not in Canada and for people to “give their heads a shake”.

John Horgan exploits the crisis in Ukraine by using it to discredit the freedom convoy and smear them. The war in the Ukraine is far different than what the freedom convoy is protesting in Canada.

According to Premier John Horgan there’s apparently a lot of wasted time on a so-called “small group” of freedom protesters. He suggested the freedom protesters turn on the TV and forget all about Canada and take a look at the so-called “real” infringements on freedom going on in Europe insisting the unjustified Covid-19 mandates and use of the Emergencies Act to suspend civil liberates and freedom for a fake state of emergency is nothing to worry about.

John Horgan sets the tone to incite hate on to the freedom protesters in the up coming convoy by insisting they are making so-called “threats” and “intimidating” people with no evidence to prove this and refers to the protest in Ottawa which we all know was peaceful.

“we are removing restrictions at the pace that is consistent with the work we have done over the past 2 years” but we have been stuck in the B.C. Restart plan step 3 forever loopback since last year even though we over qualified to move to step 4.

Horgan continued with taking a jab at the freedom convoy and pretends they are protesting against nothing because only a few restrictions have been lifted in B.C. with no promise to not abuse the power again. However Bonnie Henry did talk a lot about the possibility of seasonal Covid-19 restrictions come fall.

Horgan tells “these people” to find a so-called “hobby” instead of protesting for freedom and “find something else to do with your time” because apparently protesting against government policy failures isn’t important especially when they are encroaching on civil liberties and fundamental freedoms.

He continued by just throwing a number out in to the air “we have 94% of adults in British Columbia are vaccinated” Horgan said. He gave no relevance why he motioned vaccination rate. It just seemed like filler for lack of anything to say because vaccination rate doesn’t automatically translate to support for mandates and striping of civil liberties.

If anything the vaccination rate just proves all the mandates need to end everywhere including all work places because the rate is so high. A majority of the people that got vaccinated because they were told at 70% 1 dose everything will go back to normal in step 3 of B.C. Restart plan. The goal posts kept moving and started to include threatening peoples jobs and livelihoods and they were forced in to getting 2 doses so-called “fully vaccinated” to keep their jobs.

There is still currently provincial and federal Covid-19 mandates being enforced. Provincially vaccine mandate still exists for employment with all B.C. Public Services, Health care workers. Federal mandates that still exist is for all federal employees expanded in to contractors and federally regulated businesses/industries, even the people that work alone from home or drive trucks which makes no sense.

This is why John Horgan is wrong to brush off Canada’s freedom protests as if they are for nothing.

The war in Ukraine is a Russia invasion from a dictatorship on to another nation. This is a person of power invading another nation and its people and is a major humanitarian issue killing hundreds of people. Putin has made protests against the war illegal. Putin took a page from Trudeau’s play book and sent out the authoritarian police to arrest and beat down unarmed peaceful protesters. He then did another Trudeau move and ordered to censor media and created a “fake news” law after Canada removed Russia TV from Canadian TV lineups and pushes for more censorship laws in Canada with Bill C-11, C-36 and Online Streaming Act.

Freedom Convoys in Canada are fighting local overreaching government for their abuse of power, this is the leader of a nation attacking its own people. Justin Trudeau called a fake emergency to invoke the Emergencies Act to suspended all Canadians fundamental rights and civil liberties across Canada to quash peaceful protesters in Ottawa. Justin Trudeau sent in police to beat down peaceful protesters with baton’s and trample them with horses. They arrested unarmed peaceful protesters at gun point, froze bank accounts and seized assets all without due process and Tamara Lich was held as a political prisoner.

After invoking the Emergencies Act Justin Trudeau was faced with legal action by civil rights organizations and provincial premiers. Trudeau also was hit with criticism from all over Canada and the world.

Justin Trudeau has multiple legal challenges by multiple civil rights organizations and Premiers have also challenged him

Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) lawyers and a legal Premiers

Multiple Premiers across Canada spoke out about the unjustified use of the Emergencies Act.

Jason Kenney launched legal action against the federal government for invoking the Emergencies act citing it was a “unnecessary and disproportionate measure.” The use of the Emergencies act violates civil liberties and invades provincial jurisdiction and creates “creates a very dangerous precedent for the future”. The premier posted a video online in which he decries the “unjustified use of the Emergencies Act,”.

A Finnish politician has spoken out against Justin Trudeau calling on the European Union (EU) to denounce Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s violent crackdown on peaceful trucker convoy protesters in Ottawa. Member of European Parliament (MEP) Laura Huhtasaari wrote a letter to Vice-President of the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy demanding the EU clarify where it stands on Trudeau’s actions. 

U.K media outlets which are not funded by Trudeau’s Liberal government with Canadian tax payers gave a fair report on Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act and his “Putin like tactics” to crush peaceful protesters

After all of the backlash from other politicians and before the Emergencies Act made it to the Senate for a vote to see if it was used in the correct manner. Justin Trudeau ended his decision to invoke the Emergencies Act. Some have said he decided to revoke is own use of the Emergencies Act because he was scared it wouldn’t pass the vote in the Senate, but the damage from the use was already inflicted.

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