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Masturbation homework assignment for kindergarteners at a BC school

Parents reported a teacher gave 4-year-old children a homework assignment on masturbation, prompting an investigation by a British Columbia First Nations school.

It was first reported by Libs of TikTok, a popular social media monitoring platform that the incident happened at T’lisa̱lagi’lakw School in Namgis First Nation in Alert Bay, B.C. based on a Facebook post which is now deleted.

According to Libs of TikTok the worksheet is from the book Body Smart: Right From the Start asks kids to “draw a picture of the private places where you can touch your penis or vulva if you want to.”

“Some children like to touch their own private body parts and some children don’t,” the assignment states. “All families have different rules about masturbation (touching your own private parts.) Talk to your trusted grown-ups about your family rules.”

As reported by Libs of TikTok a spokesperson for the school said the “incident is under investigation” but would not comment further.

We have reached out to the principal of T’lisa̱lagi’lakw School for comment

Gender identity and sexuality for young children in schools is not new to Canada, as True North reported last month in April, a Toronto District School Board elementary school recently hosted a “sexuality diversity in children” workshop.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection includes “encouraging a child to masturbate or watch others masturbate” as an example of non-contact sexual abuse.

Although the relevant authorities will have to evaluate whether or not the instructor who provided this homework assignment to the young children was guilty of such an offense, it does raise the question of what precautions against child grooming and sexual abuse are in place in public schools.

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  1. Imagine if you said this to a child at a playground? You’d be arrested. Why should any parents tolerate a mere teacher doing the same thing? it’s called grooming, and these freaks need to be outed, charged with sexual misconduct with a child, and punished.

  2. I think the article swung it in a way that was not accurate.
    I’ve learned a ton about sexual abuse, and one of the ways to diminish it is to give accurate and honest information about sexuality. Teaching children that masturbation is normal, healthy and something you do in private is not at all the sexual abuse mentioned in the legal definitions. Encouraging a child to masturbate to be watched as a turn on is abuse.
    Teaching a child to be private about it, but not ashamed, can help a child grow up to have a healthy sexuality where they feel in charge of their own bodies and respect other’s privacy. Isn’t that the goal?
    Puritanical ideals of ignoring it, shaming people for having natural sexual urges, and telling bullshit stories like babies come from storks actually mess people up badly. And considering the insane amount of people who have been sexually abused and assaulted.. it didn’t work.
    In countries where children are taught facts, are not taught bigotry about others who may have a different sexual interest than themselves, and are allowed to feel normal and healthy about it, actually experiment years after children in countries like North America. They have way less teen pregnancy, and wayyyy less abortions.
    Just my thoughts ❤️

    • Are you actually fucking serious. What a joke, in no way is this ok for teachers to teach this to 4 years olds, when the time is right the parents will decide this. And who the hell tells there child babies come from storks, you! This isn’t ok and you can’t make it ok

      • I was recently camping with a young family and their 4 yr old was touching himself in front of me. I was uncomfortable when parents did not say anything. They need to be taught it’s not appropriate to expose themselves in front of others.

    • Are you mentally ill or something teaching little kids how to masturbate are you a pedophile or something seriously anybody who wants to teach children that aren’t theirs anything about sexuality when they shouldn’t even be learning that stuff until they’re in grade six or seven is a freaking pedophile and should be thrown in jail as a pedophile

      • Did you read the article? Nothing about teaching them how to masturbate. Primarily when and where it is appropriate to touch themselves.

  3. Reading these comments tells me that few people know about the books in their children’s classrooms, what their children are being taught in school. This is not one teacher’s idea, it’s now mainstream.


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