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B.C. Some COVID-19 restrictions lifted but lurk in the back

Effective as of March 11, 2022, at 12:01 a.m these restrictions will be lifted.

The face mask mandate is lifted for all indoor public spaces and attend religious gatherings with no limits. Businesses will be able to keep mask requirements for on their premise. Employers are also allowed to continue require mask wearing for operational reasons or in certain settings.

“Operational reasons”. what exactly is that? The needs to be expanded on because uniforms are part of operational reasons for many businesses so knowing where the line is on this would be good to know.

There’s no need to mask up on public transit or BC Ferries but you can if you want to. Mask mandates still exist on planes because that is one of the unscientific and illogical Trudeau federal mandates the Freedom Convoy was fighting against with the vaccine mandates.

By March 18, 2022 the number of visitors to long term care centres is lifted but you must be so-called “fully vaccinated and screened”, what ever that means, and produce a vaccine passport and so the segregation still exists where some people are without friends or family visitors.

Changes are also coming to B.C.’s long-term care facilities. By March 18, the number of visitors to long-term care facilities will no longer be restricted as long as visitors are fully vaccinated and screened. Some facilities will be able to implement these changes earlier. Visitors should check with their local care home.

B.C. Teachers Federation have expressed some superficial worries. President Teri Mooring said she’s concerned students in K-12 will not have to wear masks in classrooms when they return from March break. But Mooring shouldn’t have to worry about it because Bonnie Henry said everyone will be moving at their own pace with what they are comfortable with and we should respect people’s choice, so this choice needs to be extended to children as well.

“We need a targeted program to vaccinate these children,” said Mooring. “We need an education program for parents to understand why it is important to have their children vaccinated and we need greater access to get the vaccine and, so far, what the province is doing is not working.”

According to the data provided to the Justice Centre of Constitutional Freedoms in February 2022 to date since the beginning of the lock downs in March 2020 only two people in the age group 0 to 19 have dead with COVID and the data isn’t clear if it was just with or was because of COVID and if they had other compromising illnesses. Bonnie Henry is still hiding the the numbers of incidental cases and hospitalizations and only told us 50% of the numbers are not actually COVID-19 cases or hospitalizations, these people just so happen to test positive while at the hospital for something completely not related.

The overall survival rate not broken down in to age group is 99.95%

In addition, effective April 8, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. assuming our so-called “conditions continue to improve”, the following changes will also be made to public health orders: the segregation passport with no longer be required to access non-essential events, services and businesses. However individual anti-freedom businesses and organizations can continue to require a discrimination passport for their premise.

The remainder of the Workplace Safety Order will be lifted, which means businesses will transition back to communicable disease plans to reduce risk of all communicable disease. Post-secondary students who live on campus will no longer have to be so-called “fully vaccinated”.

Bonnie Henry also reminded everyone she’s already itching to impose restrictions again last week when telling us restrictions might be seasonal and reaffirmed that position today “restrictions like mask orders could resume if community transmission rates jump or a more dangerous COVID variant emerges”.

Don’t get too excited about any of these restrictions being lifted she isn’t doing any of us a favor.

Through out the question period and presentation on March 10, 2022 Bonnie exposes her addiction to power and keeps talking about the chance of seasonal restrictions where come fall and winter she already has plans to control our lives once again and bring in restrictions so the vaccine passport will never be fully decommissioned.

Healthcare workers vaccine mandates

Under the original order, all B.C. family doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and pharmacists would have been required to be vaccinated by March 24, 2022.

When asked about the healthcare workers that were terminated for exercising either medical choice or medical privacy if they will be hired back “I’m going to run away for a long time” Bonnie Henry said while laughing but this is no joking matter for all the healthcare workers that were fired or put on unpaid leave.

She added “In terms of the healthcare worker mandate. yes that remains in effect it really important and I mentioned this that we have that baseline level of immunity and we’ve seen how important immunization in our healthcare sector is. SO what we are working on with the minister and the colleges and the healthcare professions and the health authorities is an on going policy that includes COVID immunization but also other immunizations that are important to us for in terms of protecting healthcare resources, so our health…… and ourselves as well as making sure we are doing everything we to prevent transmission of communicable diseases. Vaccine preventable diseases in our healthcare system”

If the healthcare worker want to work in a hospital or a long term care centre they will need to be vaccinated if they want to return to work. But they might be able to change to a different career depending on the type of care they will be providing if vaccines are mandated and which college they are managed under.

Although Bonnie Henry has been challenged to show the so-called “science” and evidence the vaccine so-called “prevents against transmission of COVID”. Unfortunately Bonnie Henry never has this so-called “science” on hand to show us the COVID vaccine so-called “prevents transmission”.

In November, more than 3,300 nurses, care aids, doctors and paramedics were placed on unpaid leave for being unvaccinated under the order’s original formulation. thousands of people livelihoods have been destroyed while people and families were pushed in to poverty because of loosing a household income.

There will be no more media briefings for the next 2 weeks but they will have one update before April 8, 2022 for the daily COVID issues briefs with basic information from the dashboards and in April will transition in to a weekly update.

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