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BC’s Restart: The continuous loopback

It’s been nearly 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic and we keep getting the bait and switch when it comes to returning to normal and that includes no vaccine mandates and no vaccine passports because that’s what is normal. We were told by the B.C. Government there is a plan to restart the province and get back to normal (normal means with no mandates and no vaccine passports). For getting back to normal there is a 4 step plan the B.C. Government created and we are stuck on step 3. It’s as if we are stuck in a perpetual loop of lock down, vaccines, physical distancing, capacity limits and segregation.


The earliest date step 3 will be put in play was July 1st, 2021. We were told when we reached a 70% dose 1 vaccination rate for the population 18+ we will be in step 3.

As we know to date in B.C. the total “fully vaccinated” rate which is 2 doses in for the population 12 years and older is 86.06% from Health Canada website here as of November 27, 2021. The requirement to start step 3 was only 70% vaccination rate of 1 dose for people 18 and older and low case counts but they fail to set a number for what is considered low case counts. If the target criteria for low case count will be static or will it fluctuate. This shouldn’t matter though because Public Health Officials have been telling the public to stop worrying about the case numbers as reported by True North News.

From the publicly accessible data from the Government we can see that B.C. has blown this requirement out of the water not just by doubling the numbers with 2 doses 18+ while the step 3 requirement was only 1 dose, we were also able to get the age range 12 to 17. Now you should be thinking we need to be on step 4 so lets find out what is required for step 4 of the restart.

B.C. Restart Step 4 required earliest date of September 7, 2021 only 70% vaccination rate of 1 dose for people 18 and older and low case counts (again we don’t need to worry about case counts and that requirement should be dropped by now) along with low COVID-19 hospitalizations.

We are still stuck in step 3 and it seems to be crazy considering we have reached all the milestones. But wait. There is 1 more thing we didn’t talk about and that is the requirement of low hospitalization rates. For us to figure out where we are supposed to be in the restart plan we need to know the hospitalization numbers. This following graph shows 3 different sets of numbers. In the graph we can see Patients Hospitalized, Patients in ICU and Deaths, seven0day average

Image is a screen shot from CTV News article here

Alright, we now have the COVID-19 hospitalized numbers in front of us it’s time to dig in but before we do we need to remember these are total numbers for all age groups plus healthy and vulnerable or pre-existing illnesses.

Currently we are now sitting here in the B.C. RESTART STEP 3 Loopback with no end in sight and no direction on how and when we will finally make it in to Step 4 of the B.C. RESTART PLAN. Here is the break down of the COVID hospitalization numbers in B.C.

  • Patients Hospitalized –
  • Patients in ICU
  • Deaths, seven-day average

It sure feels like there is actually no plan to restart B.C. back to it’s normal self and former glory because there’s always a new variant that rears it’s head and makes our leaders have emotional knee jerk reactions with the goal of just extending restrictions’ and trying to normalize the NOT normal “new normal” vaccine mandates and vaccine passport mandates. The health officials and NDP John Horgan Premier of B.C. are crashing our provincial economy and stripping freedoms away form the people at every turn, driving up living costs and making housing more unaffordable for British Columbians.

We need answers to important questions now.

Step 3 earliest start date of July 1st, 2021 and we are well in to Step 3 with not just 1 dose like required for step 4but we have 2 doses just 5 months later December 7, 2021. The earliest start date for Step 4 was September 7, 2021. But why are we still stuck in step 3?

To give us perspective here is a chart graph to represent the beginning of the third wave in July 2021 to December 6, 2021. This graph is the total hospitalizations reported by the B.C. Government showing with the blue line and. We couldn’t find a break down dataset of the age adjustment and vulnerable people so we used a subtract 80% formula for everyday because that’s a majority of the deaths we are assuming it is also relevant here.

Lets take a look at these numbers.

Total without the 80% adjusted
In July 2021, the start of the third wave we had 40 to 60 hospitalizations. During the peak we saw 350 to 400. Currently we are seeing a downward trend 250 to 300.

After subtracting 80% for old and vulnerable people.
As of December 6, 2021 there was reporting of 48. Before the start of the third wave we saw Zero to 14. During the peak we saw 60 to 78. Currently we are seeing a downward trend of Zero to 60.

We need everyone to stop obsessing over the total covid positive case counts because they mean nothing, especially with Omicron variant because it is reported to be more transmissible but less deadly than the Delta variant. The mainstream media and governments keep focusing on the total covid positive case count because that enables them to keep us in this Step 3 loopback that we are stuck in. As long as the public allows the mainstream media and government focus on case counts they will never give us our freedoms back because in the B.C. RESTART Plan it says low hospitalization numbers to move to Step 4. When we look at the hospitalized numbers we need to also remember to break the numbers down in to their proper categories and groups.

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