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Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act looks more pathetic everyday

Straight from the beginning the Trudeau government had no valid reason to justify invoking the Emergencies Act.

The blockade at the Ambassador Bridge was cleared using existing government authority, and events in Ottawa never turned violent.

Provincial and municipal governments already have the powers to deal with legal peaceful protests and illegal activity because it is required to police.

However Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government just did not care about these facts.

Emperor Trudeau was angered by the peasants because the peasants did not listen to his demands and dared to push back, and with a desperate attempt to silence the populace and fearmonger. He decided to expand government powers and invoke the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history.

Justification of the Emergencies Act use keeps getting weaker

At the time the Emergencies Act was invoked it already looked like bad policy.

It just keeps getting worse for the government.

The Liberals focusing it on the protestors during inquiry into the use of the Act makes it lack any type of credibility. The Trudeau hand picked judge who previously worked as a Liberal aide and contributed to the Liberal Party doesn’t help the situation any either and the liberals can’t get their story together.

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino continued to repeat the totally false claim that convoy participants set fires:

Marco straight up tried to falsely link the arson to the Freedom Convoy.

David Lametti said they relied on CBC reports but claims there was written communication with law enforcement, however he refuses to commit to showing the proof and falls to “Just trust me, I don’t have to show evidence”

The CBC even have had to admit they spread fake news about the Freedom Convoy.

The funding that went in to the GoFundMe campaign and was frozen before it could reach the truckers and “FINTRAC Deputy Director of Intelligence Barry MacKillop, he informed the Commons finance committee in February that donations to the convoy came from people fed up with COVID-19 measures, and not from terrorists.”

Now the government is playing the cabinet confidentiality excuse to prevent transparency and oversight in to their actions and what information and data they were using that suggested they need to use the Emergencies Act.

The inquiry needs to be focused on why Trudeau decided to invoke the Emergencies Act and not how the pretest started and where donations came from. With the use of the Emergencies Act, it is written in law the government must prove to the people the use of it was justified.

Blindly accepting the governments word with no evidence is dangerous considering this was the first time it was ever used when there have been many worse things in the past that actually qualified but the Act was never used.

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