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Candice Bergen slams Trudeau for his arrogance towards Canadians and invoking the Emergencies Act

Conservatives want to see an end to the blockades. We want to see them end peacefully and quickly. In a way Canadians feel they have been listened to, hear and respected by their prime minister.

“We are concerned that the actions of the prime minister will not have that effect and in fact will have the opposite effect. Today the prime minister announced that he will be invoking the Emergencies Act.”

“We have to take a look at what he’s proposing and the rationale and Conservatives will discuss it and make a determination in terms of weather we will support it or not. At first blush we are very concerned with what we see.”

Dr Tam has failed to bring any science or data to the table that supports Trudeau’s mandates people are protesting against. They have been invited to many science tables to bring their data and present it for a debate against other professionals in the same field.

“First and foremost. If you look across the country. Provinces are not in agreement with what the Prime Minister is proposing. He has said he has consulted but there really is not collaboration or agreement. Alberta is opposed to it, Saskatchewan,  Manitoba and Quebec. He’s not off to a good start on that.” making a reference to Trudeau’s claim that Premiers agree proving he doesn’t have the support he thinks he has.

She continues with letting reporters know Trudeau was only dividing society this whole time and refused to have any reasonable discussions or debates “Secondly we have seen the Prime Minister continually wedge divide and stigmatize Canadians who he doesn’t agree with and by doing so he creates barriers in terms of trying to solve this problem. The Prime Minister had an opportunity to talk and to listen to people who he disagreed with and he refused to do so and so this looks like a ham-fisted approach as I said will have the opposite effect.”

“Conservatives today offered a reasonable solution that would at least bring down the temperature. We asked the house of commons to vote on our motion which asked the government to provide a plan in terms of ending the lockdowns so we wanted just the plan in place by the end of this month not unreasonable not an extreme ask considering provinces are doing it and other jurisdictions are doing it as well. So there is concern with the prime minister’s typical way of dealing with people he disagrees with and this measure does not alleviate those concerns that we have but again we’re going to take a look at the legislation. We’re going to take a look at the rationale and make our decision.”

“Conservatives want the barricades to come down. We want this to end quickly and peacefully but in a way Canadians feel that they have been listened to and that their prime minister respects them. We are concerned that this will have the opposite effect. Thank you.”

When it came to the questions of course legacy media was obsessed with trying to make the Conservatives look bad and hold them accountably for Trudeau’s mess. The only thing legacy media wanted to know was how she proposes this end.

“I actually ask that the truckers and their supporters remove any illegal blockades or barriers. We very much support peaceful and legal protests.”

She puts him on blast for all his discriminatory and inflammatory rhetoric

“There was a number of things the Prime Minister could have done. He certainly didn’t help the situation by calling them names by saying that their opinions were not acceptable that they were misogynist and racist. He continually escalated and inflamed the situation and we offered we offered last week that we could get together and trying to find solutions, he did not take us up on that offer and we find ourselves now in a situation and it entirely of his own making.”

Legacy media tries to hold Candice accountable for Trudeau’s failures asking her how she plans to remove the barricades.

She told the media party the police are doing a great job policing the protests. She then reminded them again “I and the conservatives would like the barriers removed in a peacefully and in a quick manner” She said to reporters.

Ambassador bridge has been cleared of peaceful protester and reopened with out using anything else other than letting the police do their jobs reported by CBC. And Peaceful protesters also left Quebec. All done with normal policing with out issues.

Candice stands up for all Canadians at tells the reporters to focus on the real problems and remember the government is accountable to the people not the people accountable to the government. Justin Trudeau wanted to be Prime Minister but he’s be failing at it.

“Listen I am not here to tell Canadians whether they can come to parliament hill and peacefully and legally protest. I support that.”

“My job is not to hold Canadians to account. My job is to hold the Prime minister to account and the prime minister has done a very poor job and I’m trying to measure my words he’s done a dismal job managing this. Showing Canadians that he disagrees with that he respects them even though he disagrees with them so that’s our position we’ve been very clear on it we support peaceful legal protests but we want these blockades and barriers to be removed. We’re the party of not only law and order but of a strong Canadian economy and both of those things are being hurt”

“Here’s what Conservatives do support. We support Canadians speaking their voice talking talking about their concerns.

Many of the Conservatives met with constituents in the trucker freedom convoy “There’s a big difference between listing to constituents hearing concerns listening to Canadians” telling the reports this is the responsibility of being a leader.

After meeting with the truckers “I can say to these people who are here in their trucks. I want to listen to you. I want to hear what you” having a discussion with them and give them a friendly reminder they “need to be following the law you need to be obeying the law.” when it comes protesting and blockades

“As Conservatives, we believe we can do both of those things. We can be strong advocates for Law and Order and listen to people and not call them names and not insult them. Which is what the prime minister has done.”

It’s not just this protesters here it’s across the country is squarely at the foot of Justin Trudeau. That’s why these people are upset that’s who disrespected them that’s who’s ignored them called them names and he is now having to Bear the fruit of his actions thank you very much

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