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RCMP financial crime director said: No evidence of terrorist activity during convoy protests

Trudeau’s government’s accusations of terrorist funding for the freedom convoy still have no fact based evidence.

Denis Beaudoin, the RCMP’s Director of Financial Crime, told the House of Commons finance committee on March 7 that there was no evidence of terrorist activity in the funding of the freedom convoy protest.

Beaudoin’s statement aligns with claims by Canada’s national financial intelligence agency, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).

“FINTRAC was before our committee,” said Conservative MP Philip Lawrence to Beaudoin. “They had some interesting testimony on the flow of the money into the crowdfunding and into the protests – that they did not see any evidence of terrorist activity. Did you see any evidence of terrorist activity in the funding of these illegal protests and blockades?” 

“I have not,” said Beaudoin.

The Trudeau government has claimed the convoy was foreign-funded and involved terrorist financing on numerous occasions. These assertions were used to so-called ‘justify’ the application of the Emergencies Act, which authorized banks to freeze the assets of protesters and donors by applying terrorism and money laundering laws to their accounts.

“We have seen strong evidence that it was the intention of those who blockaded our ports-of-entry in a largely foreign-funded, targeted and coordinated attack,” Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair told the House of Commons on Feb. 19.

Since the police were sent in to use force on peaceful protesters and quash the freedom convoy protest on Feb 18, multiple sources pointed to facts that destroys the Trudeau governments narratives about the protest. 

One of the sources was FINTRAC Deputy Director of Intelligence Barry MacKillop, he informed the Commons finance committee in February that donations to the convoy came from people fed up with COVID-19 measures, and not from terrorists. 

“It was their own money. It wasn’t cash that funded terrorism or was in any way money laundering,” said MacKillop.

In earlier committee meetings he also shut down the claims “The money… what’s happening in Ottawa has not been identified to my knowledge as ideologically motivated violent extremism,” MacKillop responded.

On Feb. 23, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that the so-called “emergency” was over and withdrew the Emergencies Act, just nine days after announcing its use and just two days after the Liberals and the NDP approved its use in the House of Commons by a vote.

According to the legislation, Parliament has one year to investigate the justification of its use.

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