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‘think Before You Hop In The Car’ John Horgan Tells British Columbians

Gas prices are expected to soar even higher this coming week. When reporters asked Premier John Horgan if he will consider reducing gas tax because Alberta didn’t see gas companies eat up the savings meant for consumers.

Horgan disagrees and says we did see the savings get gobbled up by the gas companies. He says he can’t reduce the tax because it pays for to build infrastructure for transportation to whether it be transit, roads, bridges.

John Horgan believes lowering tax will only provide a “modest amount” of relief then he trails off and blames the inflation and runaway costs Vladimir Putin. Many British Columbians could save $200 to $300 per week on fuel costs if the gas tax was lowered just a little and that amount makes a big difference on the wallet allowing people to buy more food instead of starve.

“We could see some substantial changes to prices almost overnight if the government had any will to actually bring forward any type of short-term inflationary measures,” said Peter Milobar, the Liberals’ critic for finance.

“People are really struggling right now. They need help. They don’t need more empty words from the premier.”

“I’m more concerned quite frankly about the inflationary impacts on other important life altering products like food as the summer progresses” said John Horgan.

All the food and other supplies you buy in stores or online is all trucked in burning gasoline or deasil. These logistics companies have to pay the same fuel taxes you are so they need to charge for delivery accordingly to their operations cost. If tax is removed at the pump that would save money for residence to get to and from work and do other errands as well as let the delivery companies save at the pump which should in theory lower the price on the delivery and help ease some in.

John Horgan says the goal of the fuel tax isn’t just for road maintenance and transit but also a heavy handed punishment for being poor because wealthy people and elites aren’t really impacted by higher gas prices.

If you can’t afford gas then buy an electric vehicle. If you can’t afford $50,000 cash for an electric vehicle then borrow money through financing. But more debt isn’t an option for many people because a majority of Canadians are just $200 or less away from being financially overburdened.

“We will have measures to reduce costs for people but right now i encourage people to think before you hop in the car. Do you need to make that trip? Is there a way you can do it with a neighbor or someone who’s going by?” John Horgan said at a conference on Friday, May 13th.

In March when gas prices first started breaking records at $2/L John Horgan said shut up and take the bus after claiming “everything’s on the table” to address the issue.

Horgan has been getting slammed all over social media and mocking his suggestions.

Someone with the username @ACanucks1 responded “Anyone driving to Abbotsford? My son has a game at 7pm, also if you don’t mind hitting the Costco for a few things.”

From May 12, 2022 to May 15, 2022 gas prices increased by at least 20 cents from about $2.15/L to $2.35/L according to GasWizard

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