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Unaffordable Gas Prices? John Horgan ‘everything’s on the table’

Apparently ‘everything’s on the table’ means Shut up and take the bus if you can’t afford gasoline.

British Columbians have always paid the most for gas in Canada and today it is no different than previous years. The price of gas once again came to the forefront as the prices started to sore closer to $2/Litre and becoming even more unaffordable for one of the most expensive provinces to live in Canada.

Back on Feb 25, 2022 at a live media question period Premier Horgan was asked about gas prices and what his plans are to ease the costs for British Columbians “everything’s on the table when crisis emerges” Said John Horgan. he goes on to add that he is “prepared to look at any opportunity” to make life easier for British Columbians. While deflecting the attention away from the gas price and what he plans as “everything’s on the table” he gets in to talking about the changes made to ICBC which no one cares about right now because that isn’t helping to reduce the gas prices as promised for 2 and a half years.

“I think British Columbians also understand we have sophisticated public transit systems that are an option if prices become too unaffordable in the short term” Horgan said. Meanwhile John Horgan just gave himself and his cabinet members a raise with your tax money.

Shut up and take the bus you plebs, no gas or carbon tax cuts at all the Elitist Premier John Horgan pretty much said like it’s your fault the price of gas is unaffordable.

Being an elitist John Horgan fails to think about the everyday British Columbian that use their vehicles for more than just driving around for fun. Driving shaves many hours of daily travel time for many workers and families allowing them to spend more time together or complete other important errands. Public transit can easily eat up many hours of travel time per day for people going to and from work and the need wait and transfer to another bus or train that sometimes gets interrupted by break downs, runs late or comes too early and you miss it.

The pump isn’t the only place we pay. We will be paying extra on services and goods. The stuff on the shelves at the stores you buy from are shipped in by trucks if they are not made within 200 yards of where you buy them which is everything.

BC Legislator question period

During the questions period March 8 2022 at the B.C. Legislator, 2 weeks after the gas prices started making new record highs. The NDP were asked again by the opposition what they plan to do to help British Columbians for immediate relief at the pump if cutting tax isn’t on the table when back on Feb 25, 2022 John Horgan said “everything’s on the table”

“the issue of soring gas prices is a global phenomenon not restricted to British Columbia, right across the country, all over North America and it’s related directly to Russia’s invasion to Ukraine. That is a fact.” said NDP, Mike Farnworth, Solicitor General

His statement isn’t really that true because B.C. has always struggled with the highest gas prices in Canada especially the Metro Vancouver area and this was long before the Russia – Ukraine war, the gas price spans across multiple years.

B.C. was impacted from the flood in November of 2021 the Metro Vancouver was cut off from it’s major supplier of gasoline and there wasn’t enough in storage or able to be refine more fast enough to supply the area and Vancouver Island so gas prices went up.

The war does contributing but that’s only because the demand for crude oil is going up because of sanctions on Russia now some countries need more non Russian oil and there is less on the market so crude oil goes up in price. Therefore if more could get to market from Alberta to B.C. for consumption or export, there would be more supply locally.

The B.C. Lower mainland produces 30% of their gasoline from one refinery in Burnaby B.C. and import less than 10% of the gasoline from the United States. That leaves about 60% void to fill and that is flooded with gasoline from Alberta through the trans mountain pipeline. The majority of the oil used to produce gasoline for Metro Vancouver is domestic within the nation.

You would think because our gasoline is being made from our own oil in our own country it would be cheaper. The reality of the matter is supply and demand as we saw from the flooding that just happened in B.C. in November 2021 when the pipeline was turned off. Prices sored and John Horgan told us to “ration” by only filling up 30 Liters. What a stupid suggestion that was.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline owned by the federal government most of its capacity according to policy note is used to export crude to Washington state refineries via the Puget Sound pipeline connection at Sumas, with additional exports by tanker via the Westridge dock in Burnaby.

For years the BC NDP have been saying they will address the problem and never bring any solutions to the table. John Horgan claims “everything’s on the table”. They now have a chance to show they are serious about helping British Columbians when the roughest times arrive.

The immediate solution is to slash the gas tax and carbon tax because it will provide immediate relief at the pump right now and even a child knows that. If you remove the tax right now are you still paying that extra up to $0.50 to $0.60 on per litre of gasoline? No because it wouldn’t be charged anymore meaning instant savings.

The next solution is pipelines, refineries and storage. Now lets stop lying to ourselves while virtue signaling to save the planet by taxing ourselves. Solar panels and windmill parts we will most likely be importing them all from China, so we would supporting another dictatorship. Canada is ranked the third country with the most oil resources to tap in the world and one of the top most ethically sourced oil and gas.

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