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Vancouvers “affordable living” is a cubby hole in a shared accommodations

People all over the world want to move to to British Columbia and live in Vancouver. As the housing supply has gotten smaller in BC and people moving to BC there is definitely a shortage to the housing supply in Vancouver.

The years have progressed and the freedom to live on your own without having to worry about being able to afford putting food on your table or gas in your tank has all disappeared.

The rights to privacy has started to fade away and the independence of renting alone or single homeownership has not been in reach for several years.

There is a trend of trying to normalize unconventional living accommodations to Canadian standards. We are starting to see more “dens” for rent that have no space and only accommodates people that own very little things and clothes.

“Small bedroom Den”

You can now rent and sleep in a shoe box for the wallet robbing price of $800/mo in Vancouver. “$800 Small Room available for rent in Downtown (Downtown Vancouver/Coal Harbour)” posted 25 days ago.

This “Small bedroom Den” comes with room for one twin sized bed with no space left on all three sides, tiny shelf space and a dresser the size of small filing cabinet with four clim drawers. From the looks of the picture you will need to pull the bed out to open the bottom two drawers or else you can’t access them.

You will have access to what looks like one dual type power outlet to plug in your phone and 1 other thing you can think of unless you buy a power bar.

The unit is a shared accommodations with another room in use. You will be sharing the kitchen, bathroom and living room space.

“Rent the den,you would have your own room”

$800 Room for rent (great for student) (Downtown Vancouver/Coal Harbour) posted about a month ago

The room for rent is described as the den in a 1 bedroom apartment. The den appears to be big enough again for just a twin sized bed. But this one includes a few inches of space between it and the wall. There is also the luxury of a window for you to see outside.

Just like the last one this is also a shared space. You will be living in a shared accommodations sharing the kitchen and bathroom and includes tow roommates.

Imagine waking up everyday to not be able to turn to the side and step out of bed. Yes, you need to slide your butt forward to the foot of the bed to get out. You may need to turn yourself in to a pretzel to get in to the dresser to access your clothes and stand on the bed to change.

The rent burns most of your income and you live in a shared accommodation with other people so you really never get any real privacy. You also gamble because you don’t know who the room mates are and if they are going to be clean or not. But what the hell, this is all to save the Earth. Lets own nothing and be happy

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