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Environment Minister Guilbeault Spreads Misinformation On Carbon Tax

The authoritarian Liberals who have an obsession with trying to censor the internet and freedom of expression while claiming everything is “misinformation” sure love to spread “misinformation” themselves.

Justin Trudeau recently blatantly lied in the House of Commons claiming Canadians benefit from the carbon tax when the climate action rebate is taken into consideration.

Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux put it on record saying:

“Incorporating economic impacts into our distributional analysis helps to provide a more complete picture of the overall impact of the federal carbon pricing system on households under the federal backstop.

Under the Government’s HEHE plan, most households in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario will see a net loss resulting from federal carbon pricing. That is, the costs they face — including the federal carbon levy, higher GST and lower incomes — will exceed the Climate Action Incentive rebate they receive.”

Despite the facts slapping them in the face the Liberals double down on the lie. This time its Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault

“Preying on the fears of people facing energy insecurity for your own political gain is wrong, @pierrepoilievre.

“Keep the heat on” ignores the fact pollution pricing gives more back to 8 out of 10 with low income benefiting the most.

Money that can go towards energy savings.”

Guilbeault does some crazy mental gymnastics in order to ignore the distributional analysis from the Parliamentary Budget Officer says a majority of households in provinces where the carbon tax applies are worse off.

Guilbeault asserts people shouldn’t be “preying on fears” of other individuals despite the whole selling point to the Liberal “climate plan” is guilt and fear.

The Liberals have repeated climate hysteria long enough that it has convinced many Canadians doomsday is coming unless we destroy our energy sector, make our selves more poor and produce less food.

Guilbeault is gaslighting Canadians in the hopes people don’t clue into his hypocrisy and how his radical “green” policies are accomplishing nothing good for the country or Canadinas.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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