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Opinion: Justin Trudeau’s ongoing lie about the carbon tax “rebate”

The liberal government loves to preach its giving Canadian households back more in the form of a climate action “rebate” than what they paid into the carbon tax.

Lets use a sales tax for an example. If a politician is saying you will get back more than what you pay in sales tax.

When anyone thinks of the logic behind this scheme it doesn’t make any sense a all unless you’re gaslighting Canadians into falling for a scam.

Why would the government need to charge a tax in the first place if it’s just going to hand it back plus more compared to what you paid in if the whole purpose is to make Canadians more poor, and not able to afford to buy stuff?

The whole plan sounds like taking money from Canadian’s already struggling and handing some scraps to a select group of other Canadians. The Parliamentary Budget Officer has confirmed that is the case.

For the majority of households, the carbon price already results in a net cost as opposed to a net benefit. And because the tax is set to rise each year, this effect gets worse each year for the majority of households.

According to the PBO, the cost of the carbon tax should also be considered in terms of the economic losses it causes, not only how much people pay. Additionally, those losses are anticipated to rise each year, driving up the price.

Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux put it on record saying:

“Incorporating economic impacts into our distributional analysis helps to provide a more complete picture of the overall impact of the federal carbon pricing system on households under the federal backstop.

Under the Government’s HEHE plan, most households in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario will see a net loss resulting from federal carbon pricing. That is, the costs they face — including the federal carbon levy, higher GST and lower incomes — will exceed the Climate Action Incentive rebate they receive.”

Conservative Shadow Minister for Families, Children & Social Development, Michelle Ferreri confronted Justin Trudeau on this in the House of Commons.

Michelle Ferreri, the shadow minister for families, children, and social development for the Conservative Party, noted this fact when confronting Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons on the impacts of the carbon tax.

However Justin Trudeau continues with the Liberal lie claiming “most people get back more than they pay

“If the Prime Minister could do some basic math, he would understand that my constituents aren’t getting more back than what they pay in a carbon tax.

The Independent Parliamentary Budget Officer has already confirmed this.”

However Trudeau continues to lie because the Liberals know acknowledging that Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux said that most Canadians have a net loss is bad PR and would ruin their image, especially when many Canadians are struggling and speculation of a recession coming. The Liberals are just going to keep pretending the carbon tax makes people better off, and hope if they repeat the lie enough Canadians will begin to believe it.

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