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BC NDP risks lives by playing a political game with Covid-19 vaccine mandates

It is no secret that the healthcare system in British Columbia is getting completely destroyed. When the pandemic was at its peak it was the perfect cover to blame the failing healthcare system on Covid-19 and the pandemic.

The reality is there has always been a shortage of nurses and doctors in British Columbia including a declining beds to population per capita ratio since the 1990’s. However things have completely bottomed out quicker in the last 12 months.

All throughout 2022 British Columbians have seen ER’s being closed for 25% of the time they are supposed to be open while others die waiting for an ambulance and paramedics.

At the beginning of 2022 Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix and fired thousands of healthcare workers.

Since the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine policy came in force many others retired or quit because they do not want to share their private medical data or have not gotten the “primary series” which is 2 Covid-19 shots and are classed as “unvaccinated”.

Talking from a provincial stand point. It has been two years, since 2021, we all learned from real life data or personal experience that the Covid-19 shots do not stop infection or transmission.

According to what we now know about Covid-19, the shots and how individuals personal risks are different it would be logical to end the Covid-19 vaccine worker mandates for healthcare workers so they can get back to work and care for British Columbians.

So what is the BC government doing in the BC Legislature to address the issues in the healthcare system?

Independent MLA John Rustad pushed forward his own motion that counters and challenges the BC NDP public health orders and Covid-19 vaccine mandate so “British Columbia’s health care heroes” can get back to work.

“Be it resolved that this House recognizes the value of all health care workers in British Columbia and therefore this House recommends removing the vaccine mandate and hiring back British Columbia’s health care heroes.”

“Why are the BC NDP so eager to condemn the Freedom Convoy but remained silent about the burning of BC’s Churches??” he tweeted.

A few hours later he did a follow up tweet informing British Columbians of the thousands of licensed and experienced healthcare workers the BC NDP fired last year for no logical reason and refuse to re-hire.

“NDP motion today supports vaccine mandates and condemns the Freedom Convoys. Let me be crystal clear: 7000 healthcare workers were fired or quit because of mandates and disrespect. Unlike the BC Liberals, I do not support continued mandates and I do support the truckers.”

At the BC Legislature on Monday, February 13, 2023 a BC NDP MLA member introduced a motion to condemn the Freedom Convoy. British Columbia’s far left wing New Democratic Party government also wants everyone to support Covid-19 vaccine mandates no questions asked and no debates.

The private members motion was introduced by BC NDP MLA Doug Routley for Nanaimo-North Cowichan. The authoritarian motion is to affirm the B.C.’s public health orders and keep Covid-19 vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and BC Public services workers.

Routley inaccurately describe protesters against Covid-19 vaccine mandates as straight up “anti-vaccine”. Canadians united together to protest government overreach and authoritarian Covid-19 mandates. The Freedom Convoy was an anti-mandate, not “anti-vaccine”, some individuals may have been anti-vaccine but the crowd was a mix of Covid-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Routley wrote a statement: “one year after the anti-vaccine protests in Ottawa and communities including Victoria, South Surrey, Kelowna and Cranbrook, this House denounces the freedom convoy protests and affirms that public health orders, including vaccine requirements, have been an essential tool in B.C.’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The BC NDP continuously claims the Covid-19 vaccine mandates “have been an essential tool” in its response to the pandemic. However the BC NDP have neglected to provide the so-called “science” it refers to and refuse to have any debates that would scrutinize the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

The Covid-19 Lessons learned review confirms the BC government and Public Health have been extremely secretive during the pandemic.

BC Rise previously reported government stakeholders noted unacceptable standards of accountability in their submissions to the COVID-19 Lessons Learned.

“there was strict central control of the messaging, including actively discouraging any questioning or challenging of the PHO.”

The government failed to provide evidence or data to support a decision or an explanation of how the evidence contributed to the decision and instead opted for slogans like “following the science” but refused to provide said “science”. The report also found the decisions the B.C. government and public health made were inconsistent with reports in media and social media.

The explanations provided for PHO guidance were insufficient. “There was little effort to explain apparently inconsistent public health measures.” the report found.

“Even some people inside the health-care system told us that they did not understand why some decisions had been made.”

It appears NDP MLA Doug Routley doesn’t like democracy as he says it is “unfortunate” that other than the governments opinion were being voiced. He calls for compelled speech telling all B.C. MLA’s and other politicians to not oppose British Columbia’s Covid Public Health Orders and healthcare worker Covid-19 vaccine mandates and to denounce all ‘those people’ using freedom of expression to challenging the Covid Public Health Orders.

“We needed to hear from leadership. But unfortunately we heard other voices as well. Voices in this house who described ‘those people’ as strong and good Canadians” Routley used examples of a few individuals that made poor choices to smear everyone participating or supporting the Freedom Convoy.

Routley demanded everyone to denounce anyone that dares to debate the Public Health Orders and Covid-19 vaccine mandates “denounce any voice. Particularly in this house that would challenge those orders and portray ‘those people’ as good and strong Canadians” he said.

British Columbia is the only province left in Canada that continues to impose Covid-19 vaccine mandates on healthcare and government workers contractors and volunteers. Novia Scotia is the only other province with a healthcare worker Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

BC NDP MLA Doug Routley did some mental gymnastics to paint the Freedom Convoy as violent and homicidal by falsely implying an attempted building arson in Ottawa was linked to the Freedom Convoy.

The reality is much further from Routley’s claim. The Ottawa police service released a statement shortly after the incident last year that both suspects in the attempted apartment fire were arrested, charged and had no connection to the Freedom Convoy.

Because Fauci said so

BC NDP Ronna-Rae Leonard also stood to preach some dangerous rhetoric.

“2021 became the year of the vaccine” Ronna-Rae Leonard said.

Leonard claimed like Justin Trudeau the path to freedom is with restrictions “we have tools vaccines and boosters” but the “strongest tool” is to recognize that “we are all in this together”. She went to demand other leaders to pledge allegiance to Public Health orders and not to “Fan the Flames of dissent” by encouraging debate because it will destroy their “Collective success”

She went as far to smear all protesters saying they are fueled by “misinformation and extremism” because they dare to challenge the government.

“By 2022 we were really opening up. Covid-19 is still here as it always will be in all its evolving forms. But we have tools. Vaccines and boosters and well-learned practices like hand washing and mask wearing. Staying home when sick. tools to move forward with greater freedom but our strongest tool is that we recognize that we are all in this together which is why it is so important for leaders to stand together today to continue to affirm Public Health orders and for leaders not to Fan the Flames of dissent based on misinformation and extremism that threaten the very Foundation of our Collective success”

BC NDP MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard Courtenay-Comox claimed the Freedom Convoy was “built on spreading misinformation” and citing Dr. Anthony Fauci as her “fact” source from a statement of his in 2022.

“We have seen resistance in the Convoy protests built on spreading misinformation and unsupported by science. For instance Dr. Anthony Fauci portrayed it as misinformation that is nonsense and very dangerous. Causing unnecessary deaths”

Speaking of ‘misinformation’, Dr. Fauci made claims the Covid-19 “vaccine” will stop the spread of corona virus and prevent mutations from appearing.

“Covid-19 vaccinations will not only help stop the virus from spreading, they will also hamper the coronavirus’ ability to mutate into new variants” Dr. Anthony Fauci said, reported by CNN.

The claim the Covid-19 vaccine stop the spread and prevent mutations has been proven incorrect from real world data and many peer reviewed studies.

Watch Adam Walker attempt to shame the BC Liberals/United into condemning all freedom convoy protesters based on the actions of a few individuals. He then accuses all BC Liberals of not denouncing the actions of a few individuals.

He dishonestly said “not a single member” has denounced it.

The BC NDP is now saying the quiet part aloud

BC Liberal Shirley Bond slammed BC NDP as it focused on events that happened one year ago and irrelevant to the ongoing serious issues British Columbians are facing everyday.

Bond actually pointed out British Columbia is the last remaining province that continues to impose Covid-19 vaccine mandates on its healthcare workers. She goes on to say B.C. needs to realign itself with other jurisdictions in Canada and find a path forward without Covid-19 vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.

“Today is a disappointing day in the legislature, and I’ve been her a long time.”

Bond also fired back at the BC NDP asserting the BC Liberals did in fact support the public health orders echoing the BC NDP for everyone to “get vaccinated”.

“There is only one purpose for this motion, and that is transparent, and that is to further divide and inflame conflict in our province.”

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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