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Trudeau and his EU photo op. While Canada still demands answers for invoking Emergencies Act

Not too long ago on Feb 14, 2022 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went full on authoritarian and invoked the Emergcies Act and suspending our civil liberties.

It never made it to the senate for a vote before it was abused and he revoked it himself on Feb 23,2022. Unarmed peaceful protesters were assaulted by police with batons, trampled on by police horses, arrested at gun point, pepper sprayed, a journalist was shot point blank with a tear gas canister, bank accounts were frozen and assests seized without due process.

Trudeau did a bizarre speech last week gas lighting Canadians about “Countries turning towards slightly more authoritarian leaders.” And countries apparently allowing so-called misinformation and disinformation being posted on social media clearly advocating for more censorship laws to silence Canadians.

All of a sudden all of Canada’s state funded legacy media is hyper focused on Russia and Ukraine.

Now he’s in Europe doing selfies and photo ops while the government funded media was the inly Canadian media to tag along. Legacy media is eating it write up Justin Trudeau’s and his governments vacation in Europe taking pictures with other politician’s.

According to National Posts research there is no reason to explain why Justin Trudeau and his other ministers to be there.

This diversion tactic for exploiting the war crisis works well to deflect attention off Canadas government policy failures. We have our own country and domestic issues.

People that were arrested and charged were charged with mischief, all the fines written during the protest were traffic violations. There border blockades were gone for a week before the Emergencies Act was invoked. Regular policing laws cleared the demonstrators. So-called “forigne money funding” was a lie,

The government works for the people and is paid by the people. The government is responsible to the people and Canadians demand answers and a full investigation in to the use of the Emergencies Act.

It is the right of the Canadian people and written in the Emergencies Act the government must provide solid evidence and proof the use is justified but all we hear so far were opinions and disinformation and proven false accusations.

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