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B.C. Healthcare Workers Stuck In A Forever COVID Pandemic. According To Bonnie Henry B.C. Has Its Own ‘Pandemic’

B.C. healthcare workers stuck in a forever COVID pandemic for according to Bonnie Henry

Vaccine mandates will not be reconsidered for health care workers because the so-called science is absolute according to Bonnie Hen

Unelected Health Official Dr. Bonnie Henry declares a forever COVID-19 pandemic with a non expiry PHO for healthcare workers COVID-19 vaccine mandates. She insists so-called “science” is absolute like a dictator and it will not be reconsidered.

The Provincial Health Officer has posted a new provincial health order mandating that health care professionals report their vaccination status — and that status must be so-called “fully vaccinated” — what ever that means — unless they have a special exemption — which she will not consider

Hospitalizations counts have dropped off a cliff and death rates have dramatically lowered but Bonnie Henry stays the course with the triple down on mandates for healthcare workers.

In the order, Henry states that “to prevent or reduce the risk of the transmission of infection with (COVID-19) by health professionals I believe it is necessary for me to collect personal information about registrants at colleges.”

Bonnie Henry insists she is now science and B.C. has it’s own s-called “pandemic” and the vaccine mandate for heathcare workers is because the COVID-19 vaccine so-called “reduces the risk of transmission” which is contradictory to real world data when we saw a major spike in positive covid cases when Omicron came around.

Henry’s radical claim is counter to a new research paper.

According to new a research report posted on medRxiv regardless which variant someone is infected with and regardless if they were vaccinated or not, study participants “shed live virus for, on average, about 6 days after symptoms (began), and… about one in four people shed live virus for over 8 days,”

“Although it is unknown exactly how much live virus is needed to spread the disease to others, we take these data to suggest that people with mild COVID-19 infection may be contagious on average for 6 days, and sometimes longer,” Barczak said.

Henry said very few people would be given a medical exemption from vaccination, and it doesn’t matter what the reason is if you’re not vaccinated or prefer medical privacy unvaccinated health care professionals will not be able to work because they didn’t obey the demand by their employer to undergo a medical procedure and exercised their medical privacy or medical rights to choose.

The order applies to nurses and midwives, chiropractors, dental hygienists, dental technicians, dental surgeons, denturists, dietitians, massage therapists, naturopaths, occupational therapists, optometrists, pharmacists, physical therapists, physicians and surgeons, psychologists, speech and hearing professionals and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

Each college is responsible for gathering that information, which is then forwarded to the PHO and B.C. Ministry of Health.

Other provinces in Canada and jurisdictions around the world have ended their vaccine passport programs and vaccine mandates. Some provinces have also welcomed back unvaccinated healthcare workers and rehired them.

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