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Bonnie Henry desperately clings to the false narrative vaccine passports are protection against COVID-19

The vaccine passports were only designed based on the so called science at the time that vaccines stop the spread of COVID-19.

On August 23, 2021 the Government of B.C. launched proof of vaccination to stop spread of COVID-19

There’s absolutely no science in the world to support the purpose of the vaccine passports.

We have 6 months of real world data and science that proves vaccine passports only divide society. It’s common sense vaccinated people can also get infected with COVID-19 and spread it just as easy as a unvaccinated person. No matter how many COVID-19 shots you get you will still be able to get COVID and spread it.

With the science fact in the vaccine passport is no longer serving its intended purpose other provinces have started to drop the mandates. Alberta, Manitobia, Saskatchewan to name a few examples.

The only reason Bonnie Henry are extending the passport to June is because they are trying to force people to get vaccinated and more boosters, even healthy people that don’t need it. The goal of the BC NDP John Horgan, Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix are still trying for the Trudeau move of 100% vaccination rate. According to Bonnie Henry the current 90% of the population in B.C. vaccination rate is not acceptable to her.

Premier Horgan and the unelected health officials are holding British Columbians hostage for their own selfish lust to try to get everyone vaccinated by June to be able to claim 100% vaccination rate.

Currently the vaccine passport mandate is set for review in June 2022. Bonnie Henry insists she will revisit this measure showing no confidence she will actually lift it. She only said that is the revisit date.

The vaccine passport is not just hurting the unvaccinated, it is hurting pro freedom and pro privacy people. A majority of the population, vaccinated and unvaccinated, believe medical treatment is a personal choice. There is also a majority support of medical privacy and anti government spying and tracking says Ontario’s former privacy commissioner.

The government of Canada has already abused its authority and spied on 30 million Canadians during the pandemic reported by Toronto Sun.

When showing a QR code to get in to a place you must show ID as well. This is a breach of your privacy because your government issued ID also has your birthdate, address and many other personal identifies about you the person checking it can see but also they get to see your medical status for vaccines. Downloading of the vaccine passport puts the government in your pocket. It’s non the governments business where you go and who you hang out with, and the vaccine passport opens the door to warrantless spying and tracking on law abiding citizens

Only 1 COVID restriction lifted

Bonnie Henry claims to be doing us all a favor to so called lift the events and gathers restrictions. But the fact is the public health order for events and gatherings has expired and if she tries to renew it there will be massive push back because there is no evidence to support the measure.

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  1. This wretched “health” tyrant is also on BC radio stations–Pushing the vax onto five-to-eleven year old kids. I can’t stand it–She soft soaps that “Covid ‘vaccines’ are now available in BC for five- to-eleven year old children.” Oh-my-gosh. She’s further endangering the lives of children. This shrew has much blood on her hands already. She ought to be tried in an international criminal court. Either she can’t read; or she’s too dim to understand the mountain of irrefutable facts that go against these (experimental!) mRNA toxins. Nah. She’s sociopathic, and power hungry. Maybe she has designs to join Turdo’s ranks. Must ingratiate oneself to one’s future master. God help us; Trudeau has to be torn down from his autocratic throne. Along with the execrable Henry, and her subordinate Horgan. It sure seems like Henry is running BC. Where is Horgan?? Shining Trudeau’s shoes?


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