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Does O’Toole support Canadians and the Trucker Freedom Rally?

The trucker freedom rally has become the biggest event in Canada and has hit headlines all over the place world wide. Even mainstream media is finally taking notice, but obviously they do what they were trained to do by Trudeau and demonize and criticize hard working citizens and unvaccinated truckers. Some mainstream media has even been calling them white supremacists.

Main stream media is a massive failure and straight up bias. Almost all of their journalist have been tweeting hate speech at the truckers and also calling them white supremacists and far right wing terrorists. The rally is full of millions of Canadians from all walks of life. This is a multicultural rally because we’re all people in Canada and have the same rights.

With the convoy well on their way to Ottawa and there is no signs of this movement coming to an end before they get there. Does O’Toole support the truckers and will he talk to them when they arrive in the Nations capital?

He bobs, he weaves but there’s confusion what his answers mean. Does he support the truckers convoy currently headed to Ottawa to oppose vaccine mandates for all people.

At a conference meeting O’Toole was hit with a flurry of questions by reporters asking if he will be meeting with the truckers when they show up in Ottawa later this week.

“I support getting as many people vaccinated as possible including truckers and I probably – with the exception of a few doctors who are on TV everyday – I’ve probably encouraged vaccination more than any Canadian and that’s our most critical tool to reduce the severity of COVID but also to get this public health crisis under control,” said O’Toole. 

Even with multiple follow up questions by the media he couldn’t give a conclusive answer. He was also asked during a interview on CTV power play.

“We’ve been meeting with them for the last few months and I will continue to meet this week and into the weekend with truckers and with the industry – both individual people suffering but also the industry,” said O’Toole

He is not answering if he supports the trucker rally. He did mention he wants people vaccinated but we have other tools that can also be used. With his focus on we have options for truckers and ither economy impacting sectors. There wasn’t really any support for freedom, he was kind of on the fence and looking like he wants the best of both worlds.

On the other hand like a real conservative leader should do, Maxime Bernier has kept his message clear and consistent from the beginning. All the way through the election 2021 People’s Party of Canada campaigned across the country for fredom, fairness and respect. They just recently tweeted their support once again for the Trucker Freedom Rally. The convoy for freedom is rolling.

Mad Max will be attending the Trucker Freedom Rally in Ottawa. This guy has been standing up for Canadian values from the beginning no doubt. Max has attented in multiple freedom rallies across the country giving freedom speech’s.

We will need to wait and see what Flip Flop O’Toole will do when the truckers get there. There3been reports of 50,000 truckers on the road heading for Ottawa. In some places people have been posting on social media of 50km long lines of trucks.

Since the beginning of the freedom convoy trucking companies have been reporting large amounts of trucker shortages and people quiting their trucking jobs to roll to Ottawa. 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated. Thousands of the truckers in the feedom convoy are vaccinated. This is not a antivaxxer protest. This is a Rally for our freedom. No one has the right to tell someone what they must put in their body. The Government has no rights to discriminate and prevent our movement within our own country based on a vaccine status. Vaccine mandates are wrong in everyway. Vaccine passports are a breach of privacy and it opens the door for the government to gain total control of all our personal data. The arguement “if you have nothing to hide, them you have nothing to worry about” is flawed. The Government is power hungry and slowly striping all our rights away.

20 minutes before O’Toole’s conference Conservative MP Martin Shields stepped on to parliament hill and told the truckers he will be there to talk when they show up and wants our freedoms back.

Ever since MP Shields tweeted his support we have more Conservatives finally remembering what Conservatism is about and voicing their support.

Andrew Scheer is also standing with freedom

The tyranny must end now!

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