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Freedom Convoy “actually setting fires in people’s hotel rooms”, BC NDP spreads misinformation and plays divisive politics

Another episode of incompetence and time mismanagement at the expense of taxpayers.

Parties debated a motion to “denounce” the freedom convoy and anyone that challenges the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The motion was first raised a few weeks ago by BC NDP MLA Routely reported by BC Rise here.

Motion 3 is to denounce the grassroots movement called the Freedom Convoy that travelled to Ottawa last year to protest Covid-19 Vaccine mandates.

“Be it resolved that one year after the anti-vaccine protests in Ottawa and communities including Victoria, South Surrey, Kelowna and Cranbrook, this House denounces the freedom convoy protests and affirms that public health orders, including vaccine requirements, have been an essential tool in B.C.’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

A BC NDP MLA went on a few minute long rant unrelated to the motion saying Chinese Canadians were the first to put masks on and physically distance during Covid-19.

He then got on topic about the Freedom Convoy saying he and the BC NDP government support protests before complaining that a protest shouldn’t be “creating noise” as one of his reason to denounce it.

BC NDP MLA Henry Yao claimed Freedom Convoy and anti-mandate protesters were “actually setting fires in people’s hotel rooms”

“We believe in democracy. Our government believe in democracy and we believe people have a right to express themselves. We have a right to protest.” Yao said adding “But not in the way that disrupting people’s livelihood, creating noise that disrupts people’s peace of mind and actually setting fires in people’s hotel rooms”

BC Rise reached out to BC NDP MLA Henry Yao to provide proof to back up his claim the freedom convoy was “actually setting fires in people’s hotel rooms”. Unfortunately he and his office did not respond.

BC NDP MLA Henry Yao straight out lied in the BC Legislature on Monday, March 6, 2023 saying that Freedom Convoy protesters and anti-mandate protesters were committing criminal acts of arson.

In March of 2022 it was reported the Ottawa police released a statement that one of the two suspects in the apartment arson was arrest, charged and had no connection to the Freedom Convoy. A few weeks later the Ottawa police released another announcement the second suspect was also arrested charged and had no connections with the Freedom Convoy.

BC NDP MLA Rick Glumac went on an unhinged rant disconnected from reality. A weak argument that just sounded like blah blah blah “science” blah blah blah “anti-science” blah blah “Fox news” blah blah “science”.

Glumac didn’t give any examples of what “science” he was supporting or what science is “anti-science”. Glumac falsely labelled the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy as an “anti-science” protest and all participants and supporters are “anti-science”.

Glumac veered way off topic completely disconnected from the motion and rambled about “climate change” before he was told to get back on topic.

BC Liberal Michael Lee called a point of order and called out the BC NDP for “continuous waste of time on Monday morning statements”

BC NDP MLA Aman Singh claimed with no evidence when he saw the Freedom Convoy in Vancouver there was swastikas plastered all over the place falsely claiming swastikas were the corner stone or the core of the Freedom Convoy.

When the freedom convoy was in Vancouver “we drove past a swastika. We saw those images everywhere” and ” they were an integral part of the convoy” claimed BC NDP MLA Aman Singh.

BC NDP MLA Aman Singh flat out spread misinformation and disinformation with impunity in the BC Legislature on Monday, March 6, 2023 considering if it were true there would have been photos and video posted across social media to support his claims.

However there was a few swastika symbols seen in Ottawa but they were not to display support for Nazis.

During the Freedom Convoy a secret memo by Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) admitted that individuals carrying offensive flags made up a “very small” fraction of the freedom and that Nazis did not represent the protesters that converged in Ottawa.

“The Canadian flag was the most prevalent flag on display in the crowd, likely reflecting participants’ belief they are patriotic Canadians standing up for their democratic rights,” said the secret memo, first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter.

“A small number of flags (both purchased and self-created) reflected racist and bigoted world views. The presence of these flags however is not unique to this event and are often seen at anti-lockdown events across the country,” wrote CSIS in a secret memo titled Freedom Convoy 2022: The Imagery and Significance of Flags.

The memo suggests that agents compiled social media posts to analyze the convoy protests. “Within the crowd were a very small number of flags bearing racist or bigoted imagery,” wrote analysts.

BC NDP MLA Aman Singh then rambled repeating slogans like “trust the science” and “follow the science” claiming an imaginary fear as justification while spouting unscientific statements such as pretending that individuals “vaccinated” against Covid-19 can’t spread the virus.

“My father is sitting in a long term care home. He is 80 something years old. He’s vulnerable. Do I want someone who’s not vaccinated taking care of him? NO! NO!.”

“There’s solid science behind this. Follow behind the science. If you’re a health official if you’re a health professional ‘follow the science’ right. I don’t want someone taking care of my father who’s not vaccinated who could possibly infect him.”

BC Rise reported on February 20, 2023 that Dr. Bonnie Henry did not say the Covid-19 mandate or the vaccine reduces transmission or infection of Covid-19 and she said the Covid-19 vaccine mandate is supposed “reduced risk of severe illness and hospitalization”.

She also said “it’s much more difficult to put in place a standard that says you must have this” because of the different variations of immunity in the community and health factors of individuals.

A report posted last week by the New York Post links to several studies that disprove everything BC NDP MLA Aman Singh has said and more.

Common sense and real world data proves the Covid-19 “vaccine” doesn’t prevent transmission or infection yet here we are in 2023 with BC NDP MLA Aman Singh pretending that individuals “unvaccinated” against Covid-19 are some sort of an extra risk to anyone.

A new study revealed previous Covid-19 infection provides “at least as high, if not higher” immunity and protection than two doses of an mRNA vaccine.

The findings published on Thursday, February 16, 2023 in The Lancet show immunity acquired from a Covid infection provides a a strong and lasting protection against severe illness (hospitalization and death).

In December 2022 the BC NDP government admitted the ER closures and healthcare staff shortages are because the healthcare workers so-called “fully vaccinated” against Coivd-19 were sick with Covid-19. Meaning individuals with the Covid-19 shots can still become infectious and transmit Covid-19 if they come in contact with it.

The Covid-19 response lessons learned review revealed the BC NDP and public health officers took total control over the Covid messaging opting to use slogans like “trust the science” and “follow the science” instead of actually showing the “science” and providing “the why” with a sound explanation and rationale of Covid-19 decision making.

The report also concluded the Ministry of Health helped cause erosion of public trust.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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