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Second man charged in Ottawa arson also not linked to the Freedom Convoy protest

Ottawa police have charged a second man involved in the arson attack in a building lobby.

The incident happened at a building on Lisgar Street on Feb. 6, in the heart of the protest zone, more than a week into the three-week demonstration.

At the time the story was heavily misrepresented and smeared by legacy media and politicians and blamed the freedom convoy protesters.

The blame game was quickly debunked by Quillette editor Jonathan Kay reported The Post Millennial with a deep dive of all the details.

In a release Wednesday, police said Bartosz Wernick, 41, is charged with arson with disregard for human life, arson causing property damage, mischief, and possession of incendiary materials.

Police said there is no information indicating Wernik was involved in any way with the convoy protest, which was ongoing at the time.

It’s highly unlikely legacy media, politicians and left-wing extremists that smeared the freedom convoy will come clean and apologize to the hard working, law abiding Canadians at the freedom convoy for falsely linking these individuals to the Freedom Convoy.

Here’s a fun video put together by True Norths Cosmin Dzsurdzsa every instance in which Liberal and NDP MPs falsely claimed that protesters in Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy were involved in an arson attempt in a downtown apartment building.

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