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UBC’s “Decolonial Dialogues”, no white students allowed

A pro racial segregation group of black students at UBC that call themselves the UBC Black Student Union is demanding the University create a special racially segregated “Black space on campus for Black students and the BSU.” Harmela Kassa told CBC

A Black-centered organization dedicated to furthering the representation, education, and empowerment of UBC’s Black community. We are committed to fostering Black culture and Black leaders at UBC through advocacy, outreach opportunities, social, political, and academic-focused events and initiatives. This includes creating a safe space where the successes of Black individuals can be celebrated.” it says on the Black Students Union group page on the UBC website.

She asserted racial segregation is in high demand and they would like a place where no other race is allowed to go. Black students “want a space to connect with other Black students on campus, and we need to facilitate that” Kassa told CBC.

In 2020 Ainsley Carry, UBC’s vice president of students, started looking for such a space before it was put on hold because of the pandemic. He said there was mixed opinions between remaining a mix multicultural educational campus or invent designated racially segregated black only spaces.

Carry said UBC is leaning towards remaining as is with multicultural space for everyone to share but then throws in the support of a segregated area to “have some individualized identified cultural space for Black students.”

“We are leaning toward a multicultural space where different cultural groups can share a large space and, within that large space, have some individualized identified cultural space for Black students.

UBC also held an event called “Employer On-Campus Info Session: PwC Canada”

The event is an information session for PwC scholarship programs designed to provide “financial support to post-secondary students who are Black, Indigenous and/or Persons with Disabilities, studying accounting, business or STEM degree programs.”

It says PwC is offering up to twenty-five scholarships of $5,000 each

PwC claims they’re “committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive environment, where everyone truly belongs and can reach their full potential.” despite the first line in the description for this event saying white students are not allowed to attend.

“***Note: only students who self-identify as Black, Indigenous or as a Person with Disabilities should RSVP***” is written on the UBC website,

“We hire and nurture professionals who come from many different backgrounds and cultures, who are willing to challenge the status quo and think differently.”

“Scholarship recipients will receive an offer of paid employment at PwC Canada (acceptance of position is optional and won’t impact receipt of scholarship)”

White students were banned from attending an event series called “Decolonial Dialogues” hosted at University of British Columbia (UBC) as activists demand a “safe space” for those who are Indigenous, black and persons of colour.

The series of events are being organized by students to cultivate “solidarity among Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) students.” and apparently has received support from several UBC Vancouver offices. 

“Coming together in a safe space, IBPOC students will hear from speakers and connect with each other over sincere and courageous conversations on specific themes,” reads a description of the series on UBC’s website.

A sign-up form for “Decolonial Dialogues”  that is now offline noted that “events offered through this series are open to UBC students who identify as Indigenous, Black and Persons of Colour (IBPOC) only.” reported by True North

The form also stated that “in creating this space, the planning committee recognizes that identity is complex and everyone will come to this space with different lived experiences. Registering and attending the series is based on each individual student’s self-identification and we welcome those who feel they belong in this space in connection to IBPOC identities.”

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