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Aaron Gunn, bringing common sense back to B.C.

On January 12, 2022, Aaron Gunn launched a new political initiative to bring common sense back to B.C. with a focus on the needs of the every day B.C. citizens

Aaron Gunn launched a new political initiative to bring common sense back to B.C. because lack of leadership for the citizens and fight for their prosperity “for too long here in B.C there has been no real political real party and no real political leader standing up for the everyday hard working citizens of this province” Aaron Gunn said. “on issue after issue from cost of living to increase of crime to the curtailment of our individual freedoms and not mention the pillaring of our resource industries”

Late last year Gunn ran for the leadership of what was supposed to be the centre-right political party in B.C., the B.C. Liberals. “instead, an unelected a group of insiders denied my candidacy and, along with it the democratic rights of their members.” Gunn said in his Twitter post. He states how the corruption has got so bad “unfortunately, had reached the point of no return”

There has been not debate for years and no bold new ideas brought to the table in B.C. Gunn says he is making a guarantee to the citizens of B.C., come the next election there will be a new political alternative in B.C. “that British Columbians could hold there head up high and vote for with pride”

The initiative is not a political party yet but the ground work has been laid. Gunn invites all British Columbians to visit the website and check out the platform at CommonSense.ca and if you agree with then join the movement and sign up today.

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