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Trans man-to-woman, offended for not being seen as a real woman.

Yesterday on July 10, 2021 CBC had a “First Person article experience” of Mikayla Cadger, a trans activist in Vancouver.

CBC provided image of Mikayla Cadge

Trans man-to-woman, Mikayla Cadger, tells a story of what it was like growing up before trans people were accepted in mainstream society. Lets take a look over the article and see how relevant to the modern age and if it was necessary for CBC to publish it.

“I got involved in sex work as a way to survive, which is often the only work available for trans women.”

Doesn’t apply since after at least early 2000’s

There are many trans employees for all types of businesses including big firms and corporations as well as in government. If you believe there is no work for trans people other than sex work and continue to change that’s because you want to do sex work. If you had half a brain in the modern time you would know there’s lots of choice of work as a trans.

“Sometimes it feels like no one ever thinks of trans women as human because we are more ghost than flesh, more fetish than actuality.”

Again a feeling that can’t be applied to the modern times because things have changed.

Everyone knows that trans people are humans, just because you want to label yourself as not human doesn’t mean that’s what everyone is thinking. There’s some self sabotage happening here as well.

“If telling my story, despite the risk of making myself a bigger target, helps raise awareness or compassion for the difficult struggle trans people face”

They aren’t experiencing the troubles you had because things have changed

Lets be real here.
You were physically and biologically born as a male/boy/man. You can change you physical appearance but you can not change the fact you were physically and biologically born as a male/boy/man. Yes, we all accept you feel like a woman. There’s no doubt about it because we aren’t in your head and can’t feel it for you. You can do woman things and dress like a woman all you want, no one cares. Nature and science sees you as a male/boy/man. Your biological birth doesn’t change just because you get a penis or breasts chopped of to “become the other sex”. You as a trans need to accept that you are not a REAL of what ever sex you are trying to transition to. Stop trying to force people that want to be with a real what ever sex it is they want to be with to be with and not forever actor of the other sex.

The trans community must accept they are either trans women or trans men, not REAL WOMEN and REAL MEN. You want to talk about being offended, well calling yourself REAL WOMEN and REAL MEN is offensive to the REAL ones.

It was unnecessary for CBC to publish this article in 2021, not even since the early 2000’s really. This article was trans bait trying to incite out rage over a non issue today but making an old issue look like it’s still happening in the present time while trying to force people to change their views about what REAL WOMEN and REAL MEN are.

Counterfeit goods are illegal, why should counterfeit people be any different. You’re a knock off brand. Hence being called trans women and trans men.

Read the full back story here https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/first-person-transgender-woman-1.6089469

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