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Coyote jumps on 2-year old girl in Stanley Park. Self entitled humans “kill the coyotes”

Monday night a young girl was taken to hospital after a cyote “attacked” her.

As of recent there have been a few human run ins with coyotes in Vancouver’s Stanley park. Usually the people having the rare occurrence of a coyote biting them or jumping on them is from the human not paying attention and from behind just like cyotes naturally do.

The latest incident happened near the parking lot of the Vancouver aquarium. According to the Conservation Officer Service (COS), the little girl was with a group of adults and children walking near the Vancouver Aquarium when the animal suddenly jumped on her. The father quickly intervened and the cyote ran off. The girl was treated at hospital for very minor injuries.

“We understand the public is concerned about these incidents. The COS has euthanized two coyotes and is working to locate and euthanize the coyote involved in this attack,” the service said in a Facebook post.

“Conservation officers will be patrolling Stanley Park and will continue to have a presence in the park over the next several days to help ensure public safety.

Leave the cyotes alone. As human we have a responsibility to not take away all the land from wild animals and not kill them just because you want to feel safe playing in their front yard. Cyotes are essential to help keep a balance in the eco system. These cyotes are displaying the behavior of losing their fear of humans because the humans are dumb enough to feed them. Why are these people feeding wild animals just to complain they are now “attacking” people?

Many of the encounters are preventable. You just need to be accountable and responsible for your actions.

Tips for being around nature.

  • Never feed wild animals
  • Always clean up your garbage
  • be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Learn what to do for when you a run in with the wild animals of where you plan to visit
  • Never look like a vulnerable target

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