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Man wanted on outstanding warrants kills police dog and stabs officer, family thinks guns should not have been drawn.

The family of a man tries to justify “no gun should have been used” when a man failed to stop for police and evaded them for outstanding vehicle warrants. Killed a police dog and stabbed an officer.

What happened?

  1. Police try to pull over Jared for outstanding warrants on his vehicle.
  2. Jared fails to stop for police
  3. Police then spot Jareds car in a Tim Hortons parking lot and box him in. Right now there’s probable cause because of the failure to stop for police. The police have no clue why he didn’t stop, they have to assume anything at this point to do their job and be prepared for anything.
  4. Like they would for anyone evading police they release the dog and a officer follows up.
  5. Jared killed the dog and stabbed the officer
  6. He then got shot in the head for using deadly force on a police dog and its handler

“There was no need to shoot someone like Jared in the head like that,” said Krista Hackett, Jareds babies momma

They should have approached him with caution,” he said. “They shouldn’t have tried to box him in and surround him, and they definitely shouldn’t have sent a dog after him like that.”

How about we wait for the investigation before jumping to conclusions.

The IIO, Independent Investigations Office , responsible for investigating deaths or serious bodily harms during police interactions. Has been called in to investigate Lowndes’s death.

The IIO is tasked with determining whether the officers’ use of force in the incident was justified.

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