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Opinions: The world needs Canadian gas and oil pipelines to flow

Is Canada’s green activism policies hurting the world and putting it in danger?

A report released by statista using data collected from the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators shows the reliance of European energy on Russia is alarmingly high.

Among the NATO member countries they are unintentionally funding Russia’s war on Ukraine.
This is the list of NATO member nations that are dependent on Russian energy exports.

  • North Macedonia 100%
  • Latvia 100%
  • Bulgaria 77%
  • Germany 49%
  • Italy 46%
  • Poland 40%
  • France 24%
  • Netherlands 11%
  • Romania 10%
Infographic: Which European Countries Depend on Russian Gas? | Statista

According to statista, Canada has the third largest proven oil reserves in the world.

According to BBC oil and gas make up around 40% of the Russia’s economy. The oil and gas industry also made up 60% of Russian exports in 2019.

Earlier this month it was reported but the Globe and Mail Latvia is interested in Canadian LNG The are currently planning to build a liquefied natural gas import terminal near the Baltic Sea port of Skulte, Latvia.

“We are trying to build a resilient energy system,” Mr. Ozolins said in an interview. “If Canada is going to invest in LNG, we would wholeheartedly support it.”

Mr. Ozolins said what will also drive demand for more natural gas is Germany’s decision to shut down its nuclear power plants by the end of 2022 and phase out coal power by as early as 2030.

“There will be a need for more gas and the market is there,” he said.

If we finish the pipelines we can supply more gasoline to ourselves and the rest of the world.

Pipelines are a win-win situation because they provide us with better access to reduce costs for ourselves but we can help bring the rest of the world away from dirty corrupt oil and natural gas so they’re not dependent on authoritarian dictatorships. With the Canadian energy sector we can help developing nations phase away from coal to our clean Liquid Natural Gas and help them plan for a cleaner future.

Lets be real, there is a lot of developing nations and already developed nations that need more of Canada’s resources as the Russia war on Ukraine has exposed. British Columbia already generates 97% of its electricity from hydro electric dams so it’s in our best interest to help our allied nations with their energy needs while other solutions are being designed.

Of course with the pipelines we need storage and refineries and along with this comes good jobs for British Columbians. Let’s get the oil and gas flowing so we can fund our new future for creating a market of ethically manufactured solar panels and learn to run on a hybrid system instead of the dream of so-called “100% renewable energy”.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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