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According to a new poll 8 in 10 Canadians want to increase oil and natural gas production

With gas prices hitting record highs for a month caused by the global oil market being effected from the Russia-Ukraine war. A new poll shows 78% Canadians support developing and exporting more oil and natural gas in order to replace the Russian supply.

According to a survey run by Secondstreet.org between Mar. 11-13, a small number of only 10% of respondents believed that Canada should not be ramping up production. 

The survey also found 67% of Canadians support the Quebec government reversing this decision and allowing natural gas production and export. 65% of Quebecers also agree to lifting the bans on natural gas development and exports to reduce European dependence on Russia.

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues the European Union (EU) and NATO aligned-nations including Canada have imposed sanctions on Russia.

Russia is very reliant on their energy exports to keep their economy floating with about 40% of the government’s revenues coming from the oil and natural gas sectors. Russia is the third-largest producer of oil and the second-largest producer of natural gas.

With the sanctions in place it puts the Russian oil and gas out of reach for a large portion of the world.

We have found 10 NATO nations rely on Russian energy exports. Much of these nations depend on importing 50% to 100% of their energy from Russia

The problem has gotten worse as a result of the Trudeau government’s anti-energy actions in recent years. The feds have delayed or rejected 17 big private-sector oil and gas projects with a total more than $206 billion between 2014 and 2020.

Canada has the third-largest oil reserves of any nation and other nations are asking for Canada to pump out more supply. 

Increasing gas prices will certainly add to rising inflation, which has been fueled by government spending, the Bank of Canada’s lax monetary policy, and supply chain problems.

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