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Opinion: Trudeau suspending vaccine mandates is a political show.

For several months Canada has been an outlier when it comes to vaccine mandates for travel and working for the federal government or in a federally regulated industry.

Country after country had already opened back up allowing people to leave and enter without proof of vaccination. But the Trudeau government has made countless claims their “science” is the “best science” and that Canada is “still in a pandemic” even though hospitalizations and death counts plummeted.

As provinces started to ease restrictions the Trudeau doubled down, even though Dr. Tam didn’t recommend keeping the Covid-19 restrictions.

Just a couple weeks ago the Conservatives push forward a motion to end travel-related COVID restrictions at airports and rail was defeated by the Liberals and NDP so-called not a coalition.

Trudeau, his ministers and health officials have consistently refused to show the “best science” to Canadians and keep it hidden from public scrutiny because it just doesn’t hold up. Much like the kangaroo courts in China “Just trust us” they say.

So what changed in 2 weeks? Well on June 14, cabinet minister met then held a press conference to announce the suspension of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates relating to federal employees and contractors as well as Canadians traveling domestically and leaving Canada.

Earlier this week BC Rise reported the government suspended the federal covid-19 mandates.

The ministers kept using the buzz word “science” claiming the so-called “science” suggested the illogical and unscientific over reaching rules can be eased, at least for now.

The idea that the “science” has dramatically changed in just two weeks holds absolutely no credibility. From what we have noticed over several weeks his Trudeau being embarrassed several times. He has been on multiple world tours in 2022 and catching COVID-19 multiple times. He recently just flew back in to Canada this week with a positive COVID-19 test, even though he has supposedly been jabbed 3 times with the COVID shot proving his mandates for the jab do not prevent transmission or infection like it was originally intended.

Trudeau thought he was on top of the world when he threw a temper tantrum refusing to meet with the concerned truckers at the Freedom Convoy and instead branded them as “racist”, “anti-vaxxers” and “rednecks” driving a wedge in to society to put Liberals and progressives on his side and push away the conservative leaning voters.

This move clearly worked for Trudeau in the short term as the legacy media jumped on board and pushed the claims the Freedom Convoy was a bunch of “violent insurrectionists” providing fake news reports in CBC for the government to refer to as their proof they needed to invoke the EmergenEmergcies Act to quash the peaceful protest, many of urban Canadians seemed to have supported this at the time due to limited knowledge of what was actually going on.

As the months have gone on more provinces have either lifted all mandates allowing people to gather once again and go to the movies and restaurants. Some provinces have even invited provincial employees and health care workers back to work with out proof of vaccination leaving the federal government looking out of touch with society and reality within Canada and outside.

In Ontario Doug Ford came roaring in winning in a landslide election. Ford eased all covid restrictions, vaccine mandates and masking in public areas. He acknowledged the population has grown tired of the Covid theater and wanted their lives back. However Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca campaigned on putting in vaccine mandates for schools discriminating against children who have not received the Covid-19 shot which proved to be an utter failure.

Trudeau has ignored his own ridiculous rules for masking when he leaves Canada, the hypocrisy has been captured countless times. Trudeau and Minister Joly were photographed several times in close proximity recently at the Los Angeles press conference maskless.

Recently we heard of Liberal caucus infighting about the vaccine mandates.

“People are saying ‘What the hell, why are [unvaccinated] people not allowed to fly domestic, you know, like, at least let them fly domestic with masks on. You can go into a shopping mall with them, you can go into an elevator with them, you can go into a movie theatre with them.”

Three-term Liberal MP Marcus Powlowski (Thunder Bay-Rainy River, Ont.), a medical doctor and a member of the Health Committee, said the vaccine mandate for air travel should be removed.

“The need for mandates has certainly changed and the calculus is not the same now as it was two months ago, three months, or six months ago,” he said in an interview with The Hill Times. “I would suggest that the vaccine requirements for being on planes and at workplaces at the moment, I don’t think the benefits of that mandate warrant the cost.”

Earlier this month Liberal MP Nate Erskine-Smith wrote the vaccine mandates where to increase the vaccination rate and reduce the risk of transmission, but that the Liberal government’s mandate has exhausted its usefulness.

the current mandate has exhausted its usefulness in reaching new people, and the impact of two doses on transmission risk is too low (especially given alternative testing options)”

We have known for months the vaccine mandates made no sense and the Trudeau government was only clinging on to the for control.

In March during a Covid special committee meeting we reported. Dr. Kalyan testified the blanket Covid-19 mandates didn’t make sense based on the current Omicron data.

“Now it is clear especially with omicron that the vaccines we have cannot really be relied upon to either prevent transmission or infection, an example the first omicron case in Israel came from a triple vaccinated doctor returning from a conference who passed it on to another triple vaccinated physician.” said Dr. Kalyan

“The omicron spread into many countries has been through fully vaccinated often boosted individuals and this really questions the validity of the current vaccine mandates for travel within and outside of Canada. Now data from Ontario and other jurisdictions from around the world show vaccine efficacy drops below zero after the end of the second month and those who are fully vaccinated and boosters appear to show a similar rapid timeline for waning.”

Don’t believe for a moment that the mandates have ended though.

First lets a look at some quick facts about the lifting of some mandates.

  • Vaccine requirements for domestic travel, suspended. You will not need to show proof of vaccination to travel within Canada
  • Vaccine requirements to leave Canada by air or rail, suspended. No vax pass to leave Canada
  • Vaccine mandate for federal employee’s and contractors, suspended. Employees that were forced on to unpaid leave are allowed to go back to work.

If we look at these measures we see a common theme in the wording with the use of “suspended”. A suspension means it can always resume and that means the government can resume them anytime they want.

With all the worker shortages we can’t afford to shun people from the workforce based on a vaccine status. Yes, the vaccine mandates for federal workers, contractors and federally regulated industries have been suspended. But who is going to get excited to go work for a business that can have vaccine mandates forced on them at anytime making them unemployed again?

LeBlanc already told us during the announcement the government didn’t care it was over stepping in to people’s personal lives crushing their rights and freedoms.

We have already been threatened by the federal government they plan to bring back the mandates in the fall or winter as seasonal restrictions if case counts increase or they find a new “variant of concern”.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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