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More censorship isn’t the answer because AI can’t detect sarcasm, emotion or tone because it’s text.

Have you ever read a comment somewhere a text message or anything and thought to yourself. I don’t know how to interpret that. Was it a joke or were they serious? Is it satire or even an everyday common saying but triggers the bots because it contains a “negative” word or phrase? This is no different than saying you need the search records of all users that searched a “negative” word to find a killer. It’s just a giant net that is cast out to censor as much as possible and hope no one appeals it because it will make the AI look bad with more false positives being reported like how DMCA claims have a large amount of false positives.

We’re living in a time when we are told to stand up for our rights, our freedoms and to speak up against the ones that oppress us but there’s just one problem with that message. How can you speak out when there is overzealous AI censorship bots attacking free speech and expression online.

How many false positives need to be hit with collateral damage before enough is enough? It’s not always just about a post being censored but also permanent account bans and for what, just because a overzealous censorship bot that is too sensitive.

This sensitivity isn’t limited to the algorithms neither but also the so called humans when you submit an appeal. These social networks like Facebook and Twitter are well known for this overreaching and broad censorship.

so what can be done?

Well the first thing that can be done and it costs no money at all is to take a stand with user’s and fight for their rights to free speech and expression. If all these social media networks just bound together and say :

No, we will not allow the government to force us to impose far overreaching censorship algorithms to free speech/expression and we don’t need more censorship laws.

Another thing we can do as a tolerant society is, if you don’t like what someone is saying online don’t read it. Don’t follow the person, don’t interact with them and in extreme cases use that block button. Censorship is soley the responsibility of the individual not the rest of the world.

Trudeau wants to keep introducing hate speech and anti terrorism laws as if it’s a brand new thing and we don’t already have any. They also try ramming these feelings of their’s down the throats of social media giants and threaten them if they don’t do more to censor people they will make laws to give them big fines.

The next thing these gigantic corpotions can do is stop the overreaching censorship on their end in the private sector and also respect the constitution. They claim they are giving people a platform to be heard but in most times when it’s a controversial topic they tend to just panic censor and call it a day.

With these technology giants claiming their AI censorship bots are accurate is like claiming you can read someones mind or detect precrime. There is no way their machine learning will ever be able to detect sarcasm, emotion or tone of voice because it’s analyzing a text message, even humans can misinterpret text messages. Yes there is a way to appeal the censorship but that is becoming harder and harder to do because of that extra layer from the bots. Having humans scanning the platform costs too much money so they are looking for more ways to reduce the number of humans but increase the amount of so called targeted censorship more efficiently.

Another massive problem these far left-wing extremist censorship bots can’t detect is when someone comments on a video that is posted. Lots of people like to make up subtitles or call out what they see happening in the situation. While explaining this in your post the bots identify you as a threat for simply just explaining what happened in a video someone else posted.

There’s too many innocent people being unlawfully censored online permanently and it needs to stop. Some people like to say “so their company their rules they can censor what they want”.

Lets take a logic thought process in this flawed statement. Imagine all these social media giants and search engines combined together and banned all content critical of the Taliban and promoted the posts that made them look good. Everyone would be up in arms about it. There is no difference when it comes to thebgeneral public speaking out against the governments hypocrisy. Without the freedom of expression for the people to voice their opinions we lose the power to hold our government accountable. If there’s no accountability on the government they we just have to blindly trust what ever the demand us. Hong Kong is going through a massive transformation right now with new strict censorship laws by the Communist part of China in Beijing. Hundreds of pro democracy activists and journalists covering the news are being scooped up, censored and thrown in jail with no evidence of any wrong doing.

With the increase of AI bot false positives there is an extra layer betweent the user and the appeal process. This washes the hands clean of any responsibility or accountability from the social platform. A majority of people online don’t have the money and time to further appeal these permanent take downs and bans, but that’s what these platforms bank on knowing their are safe guarded by expensive trials that can last years.

what we need to remember is just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean it should be censored, these are your feelings about the situation. We shouldn’t be making emotional decisions when it comes to censorship. Everyone has a right to express themselves even if you don’t agree. You don’t need to agree with them but you do need to take on some self responsibility instead of asking the government and tech giants to bubble wrap the world for you to have the illusion of “feeling” safe.

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