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Vancouver Christmas Market 2021 for Social Credit ID holders only – even if they’re sick with Covid-19/Flu

Christmas is supposed to be a time to get together with friends and family and enjoy good times and build memories. The problem though, it seems all these places are science deniers and have taken a journey down anti-science lane.

Today we have learned from a search on the Vancouver Christmas Market website that they are open this year for the Vancouver Christmas Market of 2021. There are some major differences that are happening this year though. There’s a new discriminatory anti-science segregation policy in place that requires everyone to show their social credit ID in order to get in.

“we are implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination passport checks at the gates for all visitors over the age of 12.” The note was posted on their website for Covid updates.

Vancouver Christmas Market 2021 proudly supporting discrimination and segregation using the Social Credit ID and government spying / tracking App

The Christmas Market has gone anti-science for the 2021 Christmas season and have become science deniers. They are allowing everybody in that is sick as long as they show their social credit ID. Anyone that doesn’t support segregation and is not stick and but unwilling to participates with the Social Credit ID are still not allowed in.

Your pass to get into the Vancouver Christmas Market is your Social Credit ID even if you are 100% infected with covid-19 or the flu.

We understand sure the science says less likely to spread but there’s also science that says just as likely to spread. So if we all follow science we can all agree that spreading is spreading and it doesn’t matter about a vaccination status. The splitting of hairs about who is less likely to get and spread so called covid-19 is just creating the atmosphere of Covid Karen’s vs pro privacy.

Dozens of Conservative MPs form caucus to defend rights of unvaccinated Canadians

“No, I don’t think that this is very controversial. Honestly, these are issues that are being raised by our constituents, and we were put here to basically represent their needs and make sure that those issues are raised in government, and that’s what we’re doing.” as reported by True North

Any person or business enforcing segregation passports is a science and denier ignoring the fact that science proves they have no clue if the people with Social Credit ID’s are infected or not and are walking super spreaders. There is no science behimd the decision to require vaccine passports at the Vancouver Christmas Market, it’s soley based on emtions and politics.

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