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B.C. rams through law to fire vaccine passport noncompliant employees for just cause

We have just learned by a user on twitter, November 19, 2021 the government of British Columbia sign led a new law for covid vaccines. This new law makes it legal for a employer to fire an employee for just cause if they refuse to comply with the vaccine passport in the work place if the employer decides to make this a policy for employment. Keep in mind there is no laws to make employers to create mandatory vaccination mandate policy.

The new law that was signed in is called “PUBLIC SERVICE COVID-19 VACCINATION REGULATION

Where was the announcement about this upcoming law and whay was the process to getting it passed?

Well we don’t know when this law was first thought up, this is the first we heard of it. As for how did it get processed to become law ot appears there was no vote and just required 3 signatures.

“Executive Council Chambers, Victoria
On the recommendation of the undersigned, the Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the
Executive Council, orders that the attached Public Service COVID-19 Vaccination Regulation is made.”

Authority under which Order is made:
Act and section: Public Service Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 385, s. 25

This law is for BCPS workers and contractors. BCPS is any worker doing work for B.C. Public services. Human Resources Policy 25 – COVID-19 Vaccination.

The definition of PUBLIC SERVICE COVID-19 VACCINATION REGULATION lays out that COVID-19 Vaccination is a terms of Condition for employment for BCPS and anyone that doesn’t that’s doesn’t want to show a vaccine passport for what ever reason like pro privacy, anti-authoritarian, pro freedom etc… they can be fired for just cause.

1 In this regulation, “COVID-19 Vaccination Policy” means the policy entitled
Human Resources Policy 25 – COVID-19 Vaccination” that was issued under
section 5 (4) of the Public Service Act on November 1, 2021.
Term and condition of employment
2 The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy is a term and condition of employment for
Termination deemed to be for just cause

The law goes on to read if the employee is fired for just cause under the mandatory vaccination law it will be recorded as dismissed for just cause

“3 If an employee is terminated under the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, the employee
is deemed to have been dismissed for just cause.”

The B.C. Order was signed on the same day Germany announce mandatory compulsory vaccinations for all citizens and travelers with no exceptions.
Sky news reported on Germany: COVID-19: Mandatory coronavirus vaccines in Germany ‘unavoidable’, says country’s tourism commissioner
A few days before Germany made covid vaccinations mandatory reported by NYTimes Austria Announces Covid Vaccine Mandate, Crossing a Threshold for Europe

Fascism is rearing its ugly head in the west and has been embraced by the governments. The public is getting more frustrated with the authoritarian measures as more people start to question the whole narrative. How much more will Canadians take before they say no and just stop complying?

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