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Saskatchewan Premier says no to the unvaccinated tax

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said they are not considering the unvax tax while acknowledging Quebec’s plans have legal issues that needs to addressed.

On January 12, 2022 at the Saskatchewan CODIV-19 update when asked if Saskatchewan will follow the same attacks on the general public as Quebec with the unvaccinated tax.

“No” said Premier Scott Moe. A follow up question asked why Saskatchewan won’t impose a extra tax on the unvaccinated. His answer became very vague when Moe said “we haven’t looked in to it”. For a moment it sounded like he was going to say if Quebec wins in court then they might revisits the idea

“Quebec is going to look in to whether constitutionally they can ever do this” Moe said and added they will need to also look to see if it is allowed within the Canada Healthcare Act. “It’s quite clear in the Canada Health Act what jurisdictions are when it comes to the provinces delivering healthcare and what provinces are going to do to provide that healthcare”. The funding is provided from the federal government to the provinces and Moe would like for all the provinces to ask for more funding.

The answer Moe provided missed one major key factor of the funding, we need to be guaranteed proper transparency and accountability from all the provinces because of all the wasteful spending for at least 20 years.

He swung back around again with a more confident no to the unvaccinated tax “we have no intent to ultimately look at a vax tax if you will” Moe said and if Quebec wanted to look in to it they are free to go and look in to it but in Saskatchewan they will not be doing it. He never said if he will put his political career on the line to promise we can trust his word.

Last year when the vaccine passports were coming out we heard multiple Premiers say they will not allow the vaccine passport but in the end here we are with vaccine passports.

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