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Trudeau government spends millions of tax dollars to dig up no tangible evidence of ‘unmarked graves’

On Wednesday the public was informed the Trudeau government spent nearly $8 million taxpayer dollars to produce evidence of the “heartbreaking truth” about “mass graves,” which was later reimaged as “unmarked” Indian Residential School graves in Kamloops, B.C. after public backlash of the wording used.

According to the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolane Gratton the large sum of funds was used for fieldwork, record searches, and securing the school grounds reported Black Locks Reporter. To this day there still hasn’t been any tangible evidence of any “mass graves” or “unmarked graves” of children.

A spokesperson for the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations disclosed expenditure of $7.9 million taxpayer dollars but did not release the accounting details of how exactly and where the money was spent. Carolane Gratton directed comments to Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Natio. “Details of initiatives taken by Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation are best directed to the community,” she said.

The controversy began in 2021 after the First Nations announced ground penetrating radar had discovered 215 graves of children on the old residential school grounds. Far left-wing activists, politicians across Canada and internationally quickly denounced Canada as a genocide nation with its former residential school system.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jetted over to B.C. for an appearance on the Kamloops Residential School grounds complete with a camera crew and teddy bear in hand. The Prime Minister got down on one knee to mourn the children that is alleged to be buried in the ground.

At the time Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters “I think Canadians have seen with horror those unmarked graves across the country and realize that what happened decades ago isn’t part of our history, it is an irrefutable part of our present,”

That same year shortly after the announcement of alleged “unmarked graves,” Justin Trudeau pledge $238.8 million dollars to the “Residential School Missing Children’s – Community Support Funding program.”

In the months following the announcement in 2021 of alleged 215 “unmarked graves,” churches began to be vandalized and set on fire. By August 23, 2021 True North reported 64 Canadian churches were burnt to the ground. Since then the article had been removed and introduced an on going updated list which now lists 100 total churches vandalized or burned as of February 2024.

By 2022, there was still no solid evidence to back the assertion of alleged “unmarked graves” and a growing number of academics questioning the whole narrative and instead referring to the ground penetrating radar scans as anomalies not “graves.”

A hyper aggressive censorship regime popped up around the debate of the “unmarked graves” better described as underground anomalies. Far left-wing radicals and activists have gone on a rampage trying to censor any news articles or studies that dare ask for supporting evidence of the shocking claims of the “discovery” of “unmarked graves.”

In 2023 we got a glimpse of some excavations of alleged “unmarked graves” with excavations in Manitoba that showed absolutely no signs of any human remains. A few other small digs have also turned up nothing.

Shortly after the Manitoba Residential School dug up no tangible results the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs begged the government to criminalize so called Residential School “denialism.” Far left-wing politicians and activists chimed in with support to censor and punish freedom of expression of those who dare debate the topic.

Fast forward to today and the outrage still ensues from radical far left politicians and activists claiming anyone that discusses or even reads opinions they disagree with is a Residential School “denialist”.

Mayor Paull is now currently under attack by cancel culture campaign smearing him as a Residential School “denialist” and demand he give up his position as the mayor of Quesnel. 3 of the surrounding First Nations the Lhtako Dene, Nazko and Lhoosk’uz Dené First Nations have banned him and his wife from their reserves for the crime of his wife reading a book and him being married to her.

Click here to view a list of “Residential Schools Missing Children Community Support Funding Recipients.”

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